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Frankenstein Reading Homework

Frankenstein Reading Homework
Read Frankenstein over the coming weeks and highlight passages for each
of the following four topics in a different color- be sure there is a colorcoded key at the beginning of your book. Be sure to also write annotations
of your thoughts on the highlights throughout. This will be graded
throughout the reading process. You need to read the following sections by
the dates below.
Part I- Read letters 1-4 - chps 1-8- March 12th/13th
Part II- chps. 9-17- March 20th/21st
Part III- - chps 18-24- April 1st/April 2nd
- The power of the natural world vs scientific world
- Results of isolation/rejection from society
- The pursuit of knowledge (to what extent?)
- Inner vs. outer beauty
How to Annotate a Book/Article
Take margin notes (if you can), or notes on a separate sheet of paper. Think of
margin notes as a conversation between you and the work. That’s right. Pretend
the book/article stood on its own two feet and read itself to you. Close your eyes
and picture your book in front of you. Give it human characteristics. Is he
wearing a funny hat? Tight pants? Dark-rimmed glasses? Now, mold your
book’s/article’s features as you listen to the narrator of the work. What is his
tone like? Can you trust him? Do you agree with him? If not, I should be able to
tell by your margin notes. If you were in conversation with the article, how would
you respond to show that you’re an active listener? Respond to things that are
said with questions, insights, conclusions, laughter, jokes, applications,
connections, etc.
Reading anything should encourage you to question everything. Make sure you
understand what is being said. If you don’t understand a paragraph, reread it
until you do. Having a conversation with an article (or, heck, even a person, for
that matter) should encourage you to question, so write open-ended questions
and try to answer them with support from the book. If you can figure out your
question with research, research it!