(By 劉純伶 & 張依柔)

(By 劉純伶 & 張依柔)
本:Hey! The final exam is coming soon. Have you studied math yet?
外:No, not yet. By the way, can you do math well?
本:Not really. I’m not very good at math.
外:Oh… What subject are you good at?
本:I’m not good at anything. I have no confidence in myself.
外:You shouldn’t say that! If you are willing to learn, you will succeed,
本:I don’t know where to start?
外:You can start from English. You are good at English, right?
本:Ok. I guess so. Can I practice conversation with you?
外:No problem. Let’s practice conversation together.
本:Thank you. You sure know how to encourage people!
外:You’re welcome! Just cheer up!