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Biography Assignment Sheet

*Biography Assignment Sheet*
To complete this writing project, you will write a biography about a classmate. This assignment will be
done in several steps.
❏ Step 1:
Create a class list of questions to ask your partner.
❏ Step 2:
Interview your partner and record their answers to the questions.
❏ Step 3:
Turn all of their responses into complete sentences.
❏ Step 4:
Organize all of those sentences into paragraphs.
❏ Step 5:
Workshop and conference with your classmates and your teacher to make your writing better.
❏ Step 6:
Revise your writing to make it better.
The point breakdown for this project will be:
● Recorded answers to all interview questions =
● Workshop participation =
● Biography first drafts =
25 points
10 points
25 points
● Biography final drafts, showing improvements =
50 points
TOTAL: 110 points