Drama : prose or verse telling a story intended for representation by actors (acting)
through dialogue and actions.
Drama Elements :
o Playwright : person who writes the play.
o Theatre : building or place where a play is acted.
o Stage : platform on which actors act and play is acted.
o Stage Directions : descriptions of actions and movements of actors usually in
brackets & parentheses.
o Actors/Actresses : characters playing a role in a play.
o Script : written form of a play.
o Prop : movable items used on stage.
o Cast :
 Noun : entire group of characters.
 Verb : assigning roles to characters.
o Costume : clothing used by characters.
Drama Speeches :
o Prologue : act as an introduction immediately before beginning of play
usually talks about the background or part of the play.
o Monologue : speech delivered by one person when many are on stage.
o Soliloquy : speech of a character alone on stage revealing private thoughts
heard by audience.
o Aside : brief remark in which a character pulls away from other characters.
o Dialogue : conversation between characters on stage.
o Chorus :
 Noun : people that say same thing at the same time.
 Verb : to say the same thing at same time.
o Epilogue : speech delivered at end of play after last act of play.
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