Elements of Drama Notes Template

Elements of Drama
Drama is meant to be __________________________ in
front of an _____________________________.
The text of a _________________, film or broadcast (such
as a TV show) is called a ___________________________.
A script will include a cast of _________________________,
dialogue, and stage ________________________________.
Stage Directions
Dialogue is written _________________________________
between two or more characters.
In a drama, most of the story is told through dialogue.
Stage directions will suggest scenery, lighting, sound effects,
and ways for actors to ______________ and ____________.
Stage directions often appear in ______________________
and in italic type in a script.
An act is a major division within a play, similar to a
________________________ in a book.
Each act may be further divided into smaller sections, which
are called _______________________.
Each scene presents an episode of the play’s
_________________ and typically occurs at a single time
and _______________________________.