African Region Brochure

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African Region Brochure
You work at a hotel in this region. The region has been having a huge decline in
tourist, so your manager has put you in charge of advertising. You must create a
brochure that attracts tourist back to that region. Here is a list of things you must
do in order to get the money back flowing at your hotel:
1. Choose the region.
2. Name the Hotel. (Must match the region in some type of way)
3. Brag about the area that the Hotel is in. (Tell about the benefits of living in this
particular continent)
4. Make sure to draw plenty of pictures so that the tourist can picture how
beautiful your region is.
5. Explain why it is beneficial for someone to travel there. (food, shopping,
employment opportunity, fun activities)
Keep in mind the goal is to PERSUADE the tourist to come to your hotel.
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Benefits from the Region
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