What are some challenges of globalization?
 Ensure that the benefits of globalization extent to all countries.
 Dealing with the fear that globalization leads to instability particularly in the
developing world.
 Increased global competition and the race to the bottom in wages, labor rights,
employment practices, and the environment.
 Globalization and then complicated problems are excuse to avoid searching for new
wats to cooperate with countries and people
What are the benefits of globalization?
 Improved living standards
 Increased creativity and innovation
 Lowered cost for goods and services
 Easy access to foreign culture
 Governments will need to decide what they mean by “civil society”
 Governments and other actors need to decide whether civil society is effective and
even cheap way of delivering social programs or an essential component of a
democratic society.
 Multilateral Institutions concerning participating and transparency.
 Countries risk marginalizing by globalization.
Studying Globalization:
 A set of processes through which the world is becoming a single place
Becoming a single place
 Boundaries
o Globally shared norms of the good society, good global citizen
 Statuses and roles
o Expectations for individuals, countries based on their relationship vis-à-vis
one another
 Values
o Widely held values, such as various human rights, individualism.
Subjective dimension of globalization
 Berlin wall – 1989
 Cold War
The factos fo globalization
 Cultural globalization
 Economic globalization
 Political globalization
Cultural Globalization
Human rights
Self rule
Consumerist culture