Presidential Review Questions - 2009

Presidential Review Questions
1. Name and describe each of the 8 roles of the President.
2. What are 3 formal qualifications to become President of the United States?
3. How long is a Presidential term, how many terms may a President serve, and what amendment limits the number of
terms for the President?
4. Describe the pay and benefits of being President (from the book page 358).
5. Where in the Constitution does it list the powers of the President?
6. What limit did the War Powers Act of 1973 put on the President power as Commander-in-Chief? What is the
significance of this law?
7. What is a presidential pardon? How is that different from a commutation?
8. What does it mean for the President to have a recess appointment?
9. What is the State of the Union Address? What is it’s purpose?
10. What is a veto? A pocket veto?
11. 3 Informal Powers of the President
1. Executive Agreement
2. Executive Privilege
3. Executive Order
12. Who are the first 6 people in line for Presidential succession?
13. What is the procedure for the president to relinquish power and then regain it?
14, Is the vice presidency an important job? Why or why not?
How does the vice president “balance the ticket”?
16. Describe the following terms:
Electoral College (page 366)
National Convention (Presidential)
Presidential Primary
17. Look at page 382-384. On those pages, your textbook describes 4 proposals to replace the electoral college. Read
each one, and then describe in detail which one would be the best for replacing the electoral college and why.