AP Government Syllabus: Executive Mr. Benson Wilson Chapter Focus

AP Government Syllabus: Executive
Mr. Benson
Wilson: Chapter 12
Chapter Focus:
This chapter introduces you to the institution that has become the hub of
American government during its two centuries of history: the presidency. The chapter
demonstrates that this institution is unique or at least significantly different from other
positions of government leadership. It also surveys the changes that have occurred in the
office from the original, limited position intended by the founders, through historical
evolution, and down to the office of the President, as we know it today. After reading
and reviewing the material in this chapter, you should be able to do each of the following:
1. Explain the differences between the positions of president and prime minister
2. Discuss the approach of the Founders toward executive power
3. Sketch the evolution of the presidency from 1789 to the present
4. List and describe the various offices that make up the office of the president
5. Review discussions of presidential character and how these relate to the
achievements in various presidents
6. Enumerate and discuss the various facets- formal and informal- of presidential
Syllabus: Executive Branch
2/26: Finish Mr. Smith
1. Get Terms
March 1 – Off…Primary Day !!! Remember to post your experience and email it to
me for OTTW.
1. What are the main powers of the president? Discuss them and describe why the
executive branch may be more powerful that the other branches.
2. Notes: Executive Branch general outline
a. Guidelines
b. Powers
3. Notes: Presidential helpers
a. Cabinet
b. White house office
c. EOP and the VP
4. Outline of Presidential Powers
Homework: complete outlines
1. What role does character play in being the President? What is important to
you in a President? What would you do differently if you were the president?
2. Notes: Presidential Character, Evolution of the President
3. Video: Expanding power of the President – Safari Montage
Homework: Read and continue your terms
1. What relationship does Congress and the President have today? Has it
improved or gotten worse?
2. Notes: Congress and the President
a. Powers, Conflicts, Budget
3. Bureaucracy and the Executive Branch
UNIT TEST: Executive Branch
Begin Judicial Branch – Introduce Case Brief