The Progressive Era Worksheet

The Progressive Era
1) What are some problems that were attempted to be addressed by Progressive Reform? What were some of the
different groups of reformers during this time period?
2) What is Progressivism? Who were the progressives, generally speaking? What did they believe about
3) What were some of the methods used by the Progressives? Give an example of each method.
4) Who were the muckrakers? What did they do? (Authors’ name/Titles of work/what it was about)
5) ho were Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois? How did their view on African American progress
6) In what ways did African Americans began to organize? (What people were associated with these groups?)
7) How did other groups respond to prejudice and discrimination against them?
8) Who was Eugene V. Debs? What party did he belong to? What reforms did he support?
ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: You must be able to answer these questions using specific examples from the
Progressive Era to support your answers.
Essential Question #1:
What drives people to organize and work for change in their society & government?
Essential Question #2:
What methods can be used to create change in society and which are most effective?
Essential Question #3:
How much responsibility does the government have to protect its citizens from the dangers of society? Support
your answer with examples from the Progressive Era