U1 L4 - Characteristics of living organisms WS



Characteristics of Living Organisms Worksheet

PART I. Read carefully every definition, and complete the following crossword.


1. It is the condition of the body that maintains the stable operating conditions in the internal environment.

2. It is the ability that living organisms have to produce offspring.

3. It needs the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide to release energy from food substances to carry out every other process.

4. It helps the removal of toxic material. The waste products of metabolism and substances happen as a result of chemical reactions occurring in cells.

5. It is the ability of organisms to sense and respond to stimuli around them.


A. It implicates the change of position of organisms from one place to the other. It can be slow or extremely fast.

B. It the physical and chemical process in the body by which food is transformed into energy.

C. It involves the production of new cells, which increase in size and number.

D. It is the set of processes that occur in the cell that allow to transform food into energy, produce new molecules for cell functioning, and eliminate waste.

A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 5