Food Chain Energy Notes

Food Chain Energy Notes
A._______________ is the _______________ energy source for life on Earth
B. Also called ______________________
C. Uses Light energy to make food
1. plants
2. algea – protists
3. bacteria
A. Organisms that rely on other organisms for their _____________ and
_______________ supply.
B. Also called _________________________.
*Food Chain: series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and
being eaten
1. Arrows go in the ________________ of how energy is ______________
2. Start with _________________ and end with top consumer or carnivore.
Draw Example below:
C. Trophic Levels – each step in a food chain or food web
1. Level 1 2. Level 2-
3. Level 34. Level 4
Decomposers -
Draw Pyramid below: