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Modeling Natural Selection – Rock
Pocket Mouse
LT: I will be able to describe
natural selection and give at
least one example of natural
selection at work.
Evidence : Take notes on the
video answer the questions on
the sheet.
Conclusion: ( use notes, activities, and homework
to help you)
How can natural selection cause a change in gene frequencies of a
Make sure to cite numerical evidence from the activity in your claim.
Make sure to use the following terms correctly in your explanation:
evolution, variation, adaptation, mutation, natural selection, fitness
selective pressure. (You may use different forms of these words.)
Darwin’s Theory
1. Variation – Individuals differ and some variation is inheritable
2. Overproduction – Organisms produce more offspring than can
3. Competition – organisms compete for natural resources ( resources
are limited)
4. Each organism has an advantage or disadvantage in struggle for
existence. Best suited to live, reproduce and pass on their genes to
5. Species alive today have descended with modification from a
common ancestor.