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University students shouldn’t wear uniform
School Uniforms are in a way very unique and different, but
what is really the reason that students should have to wear them?
A lot of people actually think uniforms isn’t necessary, and there
are many reasons to prove why schools should not make their
students wear uniforms.
students should have freedom and their own individuality.
Each and every person in this world are different and by making
people dress the same, they wont be able to express themselves
the way they’d like to. Wearing the same thing every day obviously
gets boring, and limits an individual's ability to create a personal
and unique style. As adults, college students don’t really want to
be told what to wear anymore because they were required to wear
uniforms for many years since primary until high school already, so
they should be able to style and express themselves instead of
wearing the same color pants and shirts everyday. One other fact
is that school uniform are quite uncomfortable to some people.
Some says it’s harder to concentrate and it could be irritating and
embarrassing for them as it may not suit their body types. let’s say
having a short skirt, you will more often tugging your skirt
especially when sitting down. Since you’re more concerned about
your uniform, you wont be able to absorb things that teacher has
said. This could be very difficult for students to focus. When
students have to wear uniform, it’s not only a disappointment to
them but also to their parents because of how expensive buying
uniform are. Sometimes if our uniform rip or stained, replacement
cost begins to add up to family clothing expenses.
Finally, students having to wear school uniform isn’t fair. They
shouldn’t wear uniforms because it takes away their freedom of
expression and it’s a waste of money, uncomfortable and
inappropriate and that’s why students should be allowed to wear
casual cloth instead of uniforms.
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