Macromolecule review

Zoology Ch 1 REVIEW Qs
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1. List living things that move. What about nonliving?
2. What is the difference between homeostasis and metabolism?
3. What are the four types of macromolecules?
4. What is a cell?
5. What element can be found in all macromolecules?
6. What is a giant molecules made from thousands of smaller molecule called?
7. What is a monomer?
8. What is the difference in an amino acid and a nucleotide
9. What are the levels of organization in order from smallest to largest? Give an example
10. Draw a picture of each category of Macromolecule
11. For each category of Macromolecule list
a. Elements found in it
b. Examples of each
c. What is the monomer of each
d. What is its main job
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