Guided Reading

Guided Reading Glenco p. 285-291 (or internet search)
1. What is the definition of “astronomy”?
2. What does “rotation” mean in reference to the Earth?
3. What is the definition of “axis”?
4. Roughly, how fast does the Earth spin at the equator?
5. What is caused by Earth’s rotation?
6. Which way does the Earth rotate?
7. What term refers to one object moving around another?
8. How long does it take for the Earth to make one complete revolution?
9. What is an “orbit”?
10. What shape is the Earth’s orbit?
11. How many days does it take the Earth to orbit once?
12. What is a “leap year”?
13. Why is it warmer at the equator than at the poles?
14. Why does the Earth have seasons?
15. What is the angle of the Earth’s axis tilt?
16. When is the Earth the greatest distance from the Sun?
17. What is “latitude”?
18. What are the latitudes for the equator and the North Pole?
19. What is a “solstice”?
20. What is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere?
21. What is an “equinox”?
22. What are the names of the two equinoxes?
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