The Sun Guided Reading

Sun Guided Reading
1. What two things does the sun have that the Earth has too?
2. Unlike Earth, what does the sun not have?
3. Where is the energy of the sun produced?
4. How is energy produced in the sun’s core?
5. How long should the fuel inside the sun last altogether?
6. Name the 3 layers of the sun’s atmosphere.
7. What layer of the sun do you see when you look at a picture?
8. What is the sun’s chromosphere?
9. When is the corona visible?
10. When it is visible, what does the corona look like?
11. What does the Earth’s atmosphere normally do to solar wind and what is the result of this
12. What are the 4 surface features of the sun?
13. Why do sunspots look darker than the rest of the sun’s photosphere?
14. What is a prominence?
15. How do solar winds affect Earth?