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Copy of Thoughtful Review of “The Ultimate Kids’ Guide To New Corona Virus”

Thoughtful Review of “The Ultimate Kids’ Guide To New Corona Virus”
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1. Viruses are not living organisms. Some consider viruses to be parasites. Name at least 2 pieces of
information from the article supports the latter idea.
2. How did Corona virus get its name?
Corona means crown and there are crown thingies on the outside of itself I guess?
3. Describe at least three steps of how Corona gets into your body, reproduces, affects your health and
how the body reacts to defend itself.
Your body releases white blood cells to fight the virus. The virus goes in your nose that's how you get it. It
makes you have headaches and makes you sick.
4. List at least 3 measures you, your family and community do to prevent the spread of Corona virus.
Social distance, wash hands, and sanitize.
5. What is your opinion of the measures that have been taken against Corona in Pennsylvania? Do you
agree or disagree? Would you do something differently if you were the governor of PA?
Not letting people from china too here even if they are a us citizen