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Notetaking The Sun part I - Google Docs

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The Sun
1. Our sun is ____ ________ ________ away from the earth, which is very close.
2. The sun is our nearest __________.
3. Sol means ____________.
4. The center of the sun is called the ____________. It is a very small part of the sun.
5. The core has ____ layers. The ____________, the __________________ zone, and the
_________________ zone.
6. Hydrogen and ________________ atoms are pulled together in the core causing something
called ______________ _______________.
7. The radiative zone is where energy is moved ___________ from the core, over and over.
8. Radiation means emission (giving off) of _____________ particles.
9. The convection zone looks like ____________________________.
10. In the convection zone, energy moves toward ________________ of the sun.
Draw, label, and color the layers of the sun’s core.
Name __________________
The Sun
Part 2 NOTES
1. The sun has an atmosphere that has ___ parts.
2. The 3 parts are the ___________________, the _____________________, and the
3. The photosphere is the _____________ layer of the sun’s atmosphere. It is the layer we can
see because the sun’s energy is released as ______________.
4. The _________________ is a transparent _______ color. The sun’s energy passes through
this layer on its way to the outer atmosphere.
5. The last layer of the sun is called the corona. It is the ( hottest, coolest) layer. It can only be
seen from earth during an ______________.
6. ______________ are dark spots on the sun’s surface. They are (hotter, cooler) than the rest of
the sun. These don’t last long.
7. Solar ____________ are areas of brightness that sometimes happen with sunspots.
8. Prominences are large __________________________________. They are caused by
changes in the sun’s magnetic field.
9. Prominences can reach ______________ feet in height and last ___________ months.
10. Draw and color the following:
solar flares