rhetoric triangle 2018

Persuasion in Legal Writing
-EthosCredibility and ethics
of the advocate,
obtained by demonstrating
good will, respect & intelligence.
-LogosThe logical content
or substance
of the argument.
This is just one of the visuals that I use to
teach persuasion techniques to students. I
use this diagram to show my students
that persuasion is based on these three
primary forms of argumentation. I use
primary colors to help solidify the lesson,
i.e. all other colors of persuasion are
blends of these three concepts.
*This is part of the course that I teach
based on Michael Smith’s book but I
introduce the diagram and concepts in
my 1L writing courses. It also shows up
in other courses I teach (clinic, etc.). your
upper level courses, whatever.
-PathosAppealing to audience’s emotions,
1) setting the mood of the
communication; 2) and possibly also
by making the audience feel a
specific emotion.
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