S16 - ADMS 4501A - Course Outline - L. King

ADMS 4501A – Advanced Portfolio Management
Summer (SU) 2016 – Outline (as of April 22)
Section M: Thursday : 11:30am-2:30pm
Room: HNE 032
Instructor : Lois King
Email : [email protected]
All files you will need for this 4501 course are kept on a platform called Moodle.
Please see Page 2 for accessing Moodle
Calendar Description:
This course undertakes a rigorous study of the theory and empirical evidence
relevant to professional portfolio management. Students learn tools which enable
them to manage risks, allocate among asset classes, detect mispriced securities,
and measure the performance of portfolio managers.
Prerequisite / Co-Requisite:
Prerequisites: AK/ADMS 3330 3.00; AK/ADMS 3531 3.00.
(please note you will be de-enrolled if you do not have these pre-reqs)
Course credit exclusion: AK/ADMS 4500 3.00 (prior to Summer 2006).
Required Course Text / Readings:
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, FIRST CANADIAN EDITION
Authors: Reilly, Brown, Hedges, Chang (Publisher: Nelson 2010)
Additional Readings will be assigned
Expanded Course Description:
This course takes both a theoretical and real-world approach to studying portfolio
management. It includes both an overview of modern portfolio theory as well as
practical economic, industry and equity analysis. Current real-world issues such
as the global financial crisis are incorporated into the course and students are
expected to be ready to discuss current events as they affect portfolio
management. Guest speakers from the financial industry make regular
appearances. Group assignments and presentations are part of the course.
Organization of the Course:
Section A (Lois King)
May 12
Overview of Portfolio Management
Ch.1 - The Investment Setting
Ch.3 - Global Investing (p.51- 57; 66-68 only)
Summary of the 2008 Financial Crisis
May 19
Ch.2 - The Asset Allocation Decision
Articles: What went wrong at Harvard and U of T?
Sick Kids Foundation
Group Presentation Topics assigned
May 26
Ch.8 - Economic & Industry Analysis
June 2
Ch.6 - Review of MPT (self study!)
Ch.7 - Asset Pricing Models (CAPM & APT)
Group Presentation check-in outline /draft slides
required by Friday June 3 at 10pm (5%)
(Submit online to [email protected])
June 9
Ch.17 - Money Management & Alternative Investments
(p.531-558 only)
June 16
11:30am to 2:30pm
Midterm Exam (50%)
The midterm exam will cover topics taught in Lectures 1 to 5
June 23
Ch. 9 - Stock Analysis (p 231-247;255-257;266-269) plus
CIBC handout
June 30
No formal lecture – Instructor away
Online assignment (10%) due by 10pm (opens 10am)
Good time for groups meet for presentation work
July 7
Ch.11 - Bond Fundamentals (self- study)
Ch.16 - Bond P/M Strategies (pages 492-510;516-518)
Ch 15 - Equity P/M Strategies (pages 455-477)
Group presentations 1-2
July 14
Guest Speaker
Group Presentations 3-5
July 21
Group Presentations 6-11
Final Exam Review/Discussion
July 28
11:30am to 1:30pm
Final Test (in-class – 25%)
The final test will cover topics taught in Lectures 7-11
Weighting of Course
Midterm Exam
Online assignment 10%
Group Presentation 15%
Final Test
Additional Information/Notes:
All files you will need for this 4501 course are kept on a platform called Moodle.
You can access Moodle two ways:
1. Click on the “Moodle” folder on the right-hand side of the regular York course
website (see URL on top of previous page)
2. Go to York's Moodle site: https://moodle.yorku.ca
Login on top right-hand corner with your Passport York ID and password.
Click on AP/ADMS 4501 A – Advanced Portfolio Management link
Please note that if a student misses a midterm or final test due to a medical reason,
an Attending Physician’s Statement (not just a medical note) will be the required
standard documentation. See Forms and Policies section below.
If the midterm exam is missed for a legitimate reason, the student will be required
to write a comprehensive exam at the final test. If the final test is missed, the
student will be required to write a deferred final exam in September.
There are no alternate midterms or alternate final tests.
If a student misses both the midterm and final test, the student will not be
permitted to apply for deferred status. (see page 4) Instead the student must
petition to write the deferred exam or petition for late withdrawal from the course.
Forms and Policies
Attending Physician's Statement form, for missed midterm or missed final exam:
DSA Form, for missed final exam:
DSA Process for ADMS classes:
In the Course Outline portion of the standard York class website, there is an
Academic Policies/Information section with links to various York policies.
Deferred Standing – Missed Final Examination
Deferred standing may be granted to students who are unable to write their final
examination at the scheduled time or to submit their outstanding course work on the last
day of classes. In order to apply for deferred standing in an ADMS class, students must
register at http://apps.eso.yorku.ca/apps/adms/deferredexams.nsf. Immediately after
registering, hand in a completed DSA form (print out the form from link below) and
supporting documentation directly to the main office of the School of Administrative
Studies (282 Atkinson) and add your ticket number to the DSA form. The DSA and
supporting documentation must be submitted no later than five (5) business days from
the date of the exam. These requests will be considered on their merit and decisions will
communication will be sent by the School to the students (no letter or e-mails).
Check the SAS website http://www.yorku.ca/laps/sas/links.html for any updates to the
DSA registration process.
Students with approved DSAs will be able to write their deferred examination during the
School’s deferred examination period, which is normally held in the first three weeks of
the next semester. No further extensions of deferred exams shall be granted. The format
and covered content of the deferred examination may be different from that of the
originally scheduled examination. The deferred exam may be closed book, cumulative
and comprehensive and may include all subjects/topics of the textbook whether they
have been covered in class or not. Any request for deferred standing on medical
grounds must include an Attending Physician's Statement form (see link below); a
“Doctor’s Note” will not be accepted.
Students are strongly encouraged to write the regular exam. Deferred students typically
get lower marks, and many fail.
It is the policy of the Admin Studies finance area that instructors will NOT sign a DSA
form if you miss both the midterm and final exams. Students in this situation will need to
petition for a deferred or a late withdrawal or some other remedy appropriate to their
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