SOR respiration

1. Give the translations of these words
1. lung
2. chest
3. газ алмасу
4. тыныс алу
5. pressure
2. Matching
1. inhale
2. exhale
6. intercostal muscles
7. қабырға
8. диафрагма
9. көмірқышқыл газы
10. Gills
A) the volume of lungs increases and the air pressure in it decreases
B) contraction of diaphragm and intercostal muscles
C) movement of external air is performed in the lungs
D) relaxation of intercostal muscles
E) the size of the chest cavity becomes smaller
F) the size of the chest cavity becomes larger
3. Identify the causes of tissue gas exchange
А) difference in the number of hemoglobins in blood and tissue fluid
В) difference between oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in tissue fluid and blood
С) low blood pressure in the capillaries
D) high blood velocity in the arteries
4. Show the pathway of oxygen from the environment into body tissues by using following terms: trachea,
blood cell, nasal cavity, bronchi, alveoli, pharynx, body tissue, bronchioles
5. The smallest part of respiratory system
A) Lung
B) Bronchi
C) Trachea
D) Bronchiole
E) Alveoli
6. What can affect the vital capacity volume of lungs? (3 answer)
A) Gender
E) Size of foot
B) Age
F) Colour of skin
C) Bones
G) Weight
D) Height
1. Give the translations of these words
1. өкпе сыйымдылығы
2. breathing
3. respiration
4. frequency
5. кеңірдек/ трахея
6. тыныс/ дем шығару
7. chest cavity
8. respiratory cancer
9. nasal cavity
10. tidal volume
2. Matching
1. Match following terms with definition
1. exhale
2. inhale
3. gas exchange
A) holding breath in lungs
B) taking air out of the body
C) taking water to lung
D) taking air into the body
E) occurs between nephrons and blood
F) occurs between alveoli and blood
3. Which organ is NOT related to respiratory system?
A) Gills
D) Bronchi
B) Lungs
E) Air sacs
C) Stomach
4. Complete the table
Condition of organs
Pressure in lungs
Intercostal muscles
The volume of lung and chest
5. What is the vital capacity and compare vital capacity of two people, one who smokes and one who