Create a Muscle Lab

Name_________________________ per__________
•Be able to describe the relationship of muscle fibers, fascicles, and muscles
•Be able to describe the relationship of endomysium, perimysium, epimysium, and fascia
•Understand the difference between tendons and aponeuroses
• 2 twizzlers per group
• Scissors
• Large role of plastic wrap
• Paper towels
1. You’ll be working with your lab table. Use a paper towel as your work area.
2. Each student should get about 5 twizzlers - no eating!
3. Your teacher will give you precut plastic wrap.
4. Together as a group, create a model of a muscle using the twizzlers and plastic wrap. Your model
should have the following represented: muscle fiber, endomysium, perimysium, fascicle,
epimyosium, aponeurosis and a tendon.
5. Once you are done, make sure everyone knows the anatomy of the muscle and that everyone can
explain it.
6. Call your teacher and each member should explain a part of the muscle using the model.
7. Once your teacher approves, you may eat your twizzlers and throw away the plastic wrap!
Answer the following questions 1. Why do endomysium, perimysium and epimysium have different prefixes and what are their
2. What is the function of aponeuroses and how are they different from tendons?
3. What is the function of having muscle fibers organized in groups of groups of groups and not
one large group of fibers?
4. Label the diagram below
Extra Credit
Use the materials to demonstrate the function of the following terms and explain the function to your
teacher. (straws, pipe cleaners, clay and beads)
actin, myosin, Ca+, sarcomere, ATP, tropomyosin, troponin
Draw a diagram of your model with labels and explanation of how it works
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