cardiovascular system notes middle school

What? Why? How?
What?: The functions and organs of the
cardiovascular/circulatory system.
Why?: It’s how nutrients get throughout your
How?: Be able to identify the functions of the
cardiovascular system and how it functions with
other body systems, identify and describe the
functions of organs of the cardiovascular system,
define open and closed circulatory systems and
give examples of organisms that have each.
Circulatory (Cardiovascular) System
Circulatory System has 2 main functions
1. Delivers needed materials to cells
i. Oxygen from respiratory system
ii. Nutrients from food from digestive system
2. Regulates body temperature
Circulatory System helps other systems as well
Excretory System
ex: CO2 to lungs to breathe out
ex: liquid waste to kidneys to excrete
Immune System
ex: take white blood cells to sites of infection
Major Organs of the circulatory system
Heart – pumps the blood
Arteries – take blood away from heart
Veins – take blood back to heart
Capillaries – small vessels extending all over body
2 Types of circulatory systems
open circulatory system – blood flows through a few
vessels then out and openly pools over organs
ex: lobsters
closed circulatory system – all blood is contained in a closed
circuit of vessels
ex: humans