Voting is an Important Act of Citizenship-S.Queenie

Voting is an Important Act of Citizenship
Why is voting important? Since the beginning of the nation’s creation, voting has always been a right
coveted by all groups of people to ensure that their rights are protected. Rights to live in a nation that recognizes the
voice of the people and creating a community that is conducive to productive living is one essential reason why we
vote. With the establishment of various amendments in our U.S. Constitution (i.e. 15th amendment for people of color
to vote, 19th amendment for women to vote, and 21st amendment for the voting age to be reduced to 18), everyone
has a duty in voting. If we do not participate in voting, we forfeit our right to have a say so in our quality of life. This
includes policies regarding education, medical research of rare and cancerous illnesses, funding for research in
global warming and other natural resources, increases or decreases in taxes citizens pay, and more. So, why is voting
First, voting is imperative because we live in a country that allows our citizens to have a voice in electing
officials in various government positions to look out for our best interests. Through exercising our right to vote, we are
making sure that our voice is heard in who we elect; and, we are giving our opinions on how the government should
function. We lose the option to shape our government and our future when we do not vote. There are hundreds of
countries that do not have a democratic institution in their government and their citizens are left to deal with the
decisions that only a small percentage of people have control over. Voting is something that is denied in other
countries, which is why so many foreigners migrate to our country so that they can have a voice too.
Second, voting is an act that will be done for the rest of our lives. Think about it. When you have a job, there
will be decisions that executives and managers will leave up to the employees to decide upon. Or think about when a
student is in a club and need to elect officers for various tasks. Voting is a skill that needs to be taught and mastered
so that everyone understands the significance of having a voice. It is important that we rejuvenate our democratic
nation by participating in voting. Voting keeps you engaged with politics and current events that affect us in this
nation. Voting keeps us connected to the world around us and is how we stay connected to the officials that are acting
on our behalf in government.
Third, if you give up your right to vote, then you do not get to criticize when things go awry. It is crucial that
everyone, young and old, exercise their right to vote so that their beliefs are aligned with their future. This sets a
precedent for upcoming generations. Modeling this right to vote will trickle down to younger generations; and, they
will begin to understand that without voicing our opinions on how our government needs to operate is invalid. Voting
gives an individual empowerment and when you give up that right or choose not to engage with voting, you are willing
to give up your opinions when it comes to matters that affect you.
All in all, voting is a responsibility of a nation’s citizens to take part in. It allows for discussion among our
government with the citizens they are serving. We are given a seat at the table and can bring forth issues that affect us
individually and as a group. Voting opens the door for active engagement in the community and it shows that you care
about the direction in which the nation is heading. When we give up that voice, we are letting the people who have
died for this cause efforts go in vain.