Death of a Salesman Review

“Death of a Salesman” is a brilliant commentary on the human condition and the American Dream.
The way it deals with the disparity between happiness and expectation is absolute. In every scene
there is a clear conflict of interest between what the characters want and what others want of and
for them. It is difficult to watch as the tension rises and the cracks in these people’s lives grow. The
intermission is actually necessary to relieve some of the tension and as the reality of Biff’s stealing,
Happy’s unfailing nonchalance, Willy’s delusions and lechery came into focus the atmosphere in the
auditorium became palpable. The weaving of past and present seamlessly was accomplished
particularly well with Ben’s last conversations with Willy. The inevitable, necessary and very literally
Sophoclean tragedy of our delusional, average, forgotten salesman created a physical shock and
truly provided Aristotle’s Catharsis.