properties of matter notes

Matter can be described by its properties.
 Some properties can be measured. Some properties are
Mass: the amount of matter in a substance; how heavy it is
- Can be measured using a scale / measured in grams (g)
Volume: the amount of SPACE that matter takes up
-Can be measured using a graduated cylinder, beaker,
measuring cups, or spoons.
-measured in milliliter (mL) or liters (L)
** Volume for reg. solids can be found by multiplying
length x width x height.
Temperature: the average speed of the particles in a substance
-measured by a thermometer / measured in Celsius ©
-can cause a substance to change state. For example: solid
to liquid OR liquid to gas
Texture: the feel of a surface (by observation or touch)
-some words that describe textures: smooth, bumpy,
rough, grainy
Additional properties of matter: hardness, color, shape, odor,
taste, attraction to magnets, reaction to oxygen (rust)
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