CS 3010 practice

True/False Questions
Question 1 : (1 point)
The agent is anything that can follow the instructions? (True)
Question 2 : (1 point)
Booting means to start a computer? (True)
Question 3 : (1 point)
Feedback is any indication that either the computer is still working or has completed the
request. (True)
Question 4 : (1 point)
Synchronous communication requires the sender and receiver are active at different time?
Question 5 : (1 point)
Multicast is used when there are many receivers, but the intended recipients are not the
whole population. (True)
Question 6 : (1 point)
WAN is smaller but faster than LAN? (False)
Question 7 : (1 point)
Software is a collective term for programs, the instructions computers perform to
implement applications? (True)
Question 8 : (1 point)
Apple invented the mouse, and the Macintosh first introduced the mouse technology to
the public? (False)
Question 9 : (1 point)
Internet communications are sent only through phone lines? (False)
Question 10: (1 point)
The WWW is larger than the Internet? (False)
Question 11 : (1 point)
The Client/Server relationship is the most common computer to computer relationship on
the Internet? (True)
Question 12 : (1 point)
There is a single group responsible for organizing information on the web? (False)
Question 13 : (1 point)
When the completion time of a computer operation can be predicted, applications
typically show an hourglass icon? (False)
Question 14 : (1 point)
Programs can be changed rapidly? (True)
Question 15 : (1 point)
HTML has no <tab> tag? (True)
Question 16 : (1 point)
Integrated circuits are monolithic block made of iron? (False)
Question 17 : (1 point)
The first personal computer was invented in 1955 at Xerox? (False)
Question 18 : (1 point)
Moore’s Law is about how to use the computer legally? (False)
Question 19 : (1 point)
A two-pass search searches within a previous search? (True)
Question 20 : (1 point)
A single source is sufficient when researching a topic? (False)
Question 21 : (1 point)
Using Wikipedia as a primary source of information is sufficient? (False)
Question 22 : (1 point)
Search engines are able to answer user queries very quickly because crawling is a very
speedy process? (False)
Question 23 : (1 point)
To generalize is to express an idea, concept, or process that applies to many situations..
Question 24 : (1 point)
To abstract is to remove the basic concept, idea, or process from a situation. (True)
Question 25 : (1 point)
Logical operation: ONE OR ZERO is ONE (True)
Multiple Choice Questions(Best one)
Question 26 : (1 point)
Progress bar is one of the:
A. Feedback. (A)
B. Clicking
D. Subtraction
Question 27 : (1 point)
How many digits are there in a hexadecimal number?
A. 6
B. 10
C. 16 (C)
D. infinite
Question 28 : (1 point)
Clicking around is same as:
A. Click randomly
B. Click the menu you are not familiar with
Click the menu you are familiar with (C)
D. Close the computer
Question 29 : (1 point)
Macintosh in 1984 is the personal computer with a:
A. Graphical user interface (A)
B. Text user interface
Touch screen
Internet card
Question 30 : (1 point)
For touch metaphor if you want to see the content below you should touch and move your
B. Right
Up (C)
D. Down
Question 31 : (1 point)
You can tell if your Web page is indexed if:
A. You get an email from a search engine saying it has been crawled.
B. It shows up in a search (B)
C. Your links work
D. All of the above
Question 32 : (1 point)
Broadcast communication involves:
A. Many senders and many receivers
B. Many senders and single receiver
Single sender and single receiver
D. Single sender and many receivers (D)
Question 33 : (1 point)
Each computer connected to the internet is given a unique address called:
IP address (A)
Question 34 : (1 point)
The companies who provide the internet services are:
Internet center
DNS server
D. Media
Question 35 : (1 point)
The protocol for WiFi is normally:
A. 807.1
B. 802.10
C. 802.11 (C)
D. 801.2
Question 36 : (1 point)
The domain name GB for British is:
A. Top level (A)
B. Second level
Third level
D. None of above
Question 37 : (1 point)
What can be used to edit the HTML files in Windows:
A. Word
B. Excel
C. PowerPoint
D. Notepad (D)
Question 38 : (1 point)
A precise, systematic method for producing a specified result is a(n):
A. Abacus
B. Algorithm (B)
C. Computation
D. Agent
Question 39 : (1 point)
Which is an advantage of transistors over vacuum tubes?
A. Lower power
B. More reliable
C. Smaller
D. All of the above (D)
Question 40 : (1 point)
Perfect reproduction is a property of?
A. Analog Information
B. Source Information
C. Digital Information (C)
D. Target Information
Question 41 : (1 point)
A familiar example of the touch metaphor is?
A. Keyboard Entry
B. Mouse Click Selection
C. Cover Flow Mechanism (C)
D. All of The Above
Question 42 : (1 point)
When a packet is sent from one computer to another, the transmission is called a:
A. Hop (A)
B. Multicast
C. Unitcast
D. Payload
Question 43 : (1 point)
A DHCP (Dynamic Host Computer Protocol):
A. Makes sure a computer gets the same IP every time it connects to the network
B. Lets the computer select its own IP when it connects to the network
C. Assigns an IP address to the computer from a list of possible addresses (C)
D. Maintains a LAN's connection to the Internet
Question 44 : (1 point)
When a URL ends in a folder name instead of a file name, the server usually looks for a
file called:
A. Dir.html
B. Index.html (B)
C. Home
D. All of the above
Question 45 : (1 point)
Which of the following lines is properly nested?
A. <p><i><b>Happy New Year!</p></i></b>
B. </p></b></i>Happy New Year!<p><b><i>
C. </p></b></i>>Happy New Year!<i><b><p>
D. <p><i><b>Happy New Year!</b></i></p> (D)
Question 46 : (1 point)
A search engine consists partly of a:
A. Link and a crawler
B. Snoop and a bull's-eye
C. Query processor and a crawler (C)
D. Spider and a set of hyperlinks
Question 47 : (1 point)
A two-pass search is a type of:
A. OR search
B. AND search (B)
C. NOT search
D. Query search
Question 48 : (1 point)
A Primary Source is:
A. The only source on a topic
B. A source with personal experience (B)
C. A source that has been verified
D. All of the above
Question 49 : (1 point)
CSS in html stands for:
A. Cascading Style Sheet (A)
B. Cast Semi-Steel
C. Clean the Straight Street
D. None of above
Question 50 : ________ is used to edit HTML files in Macs. (TextWrangler)
Question 51 : ________ is to apply what we know about how a device or system works
to simplify its use. (operationally attuned)
Question 52 : Asynchronous communication requires the sender and receiver occur at
________ times. (different)
Question 53 : HTML ________ the white space. (ignores)
Question 54 : <i> </i> tag stands for ________. (italic)
Question 55 : the higher the ________ , the closer to the top of the list a page will be.
Question 56 : AND, OR, NOT are ________ . (logical operator)
Question 57 : Logical operation: One AND Zero, the result is ________ . (zero)
Question 58 : If there too many results, you should ________ the your search by adding
words. (refine)
Question 59 : Any piece of information of a particular type is called a(n) ________ of
that type. (Instance)
Question 60 : Trying out new or unfamiliar features without a clear idea of what they
will do is called ________. (blazing away)
Question 61 : ________ is a quality that allows exact copies to be made. (Perfect
Question 62 : Once a DNS server finds out the IP address for an authoritative name
server, it saves it for future reference. This is a form of _______. (caching)
Question 63 : Places on a web page that allow you to jump to other pages are called
_________ (hyperlinks)
Question 64 : The illusion of a continuous connection to a web browser can be
accomplished using cookies or ________. (URL Parameters)
Question 65 : A ______________ is a computer that provides services to another
computer. (Server)
Question 66 : A grid of cells on a Web page is called a _____________. (Table)
Question 67 : href stands for __________________________. (hypertext reference)
Question 68 : Arranging groupings in a hierarchy so each item appears only once is
called _______________. (partitioning)
Question 69 : If there is a hyperlink in page A to page B, then A increasing B’s
_______________. (rank)
Question 70 : _______________ information comes from or is stored on a continuously
variable medium. (Analog)