DrBs Acids and Bases Lab

Acids and Bases Lab
Today you will testing whether or not certain substances are acids or bases. You will be doing
three tests on each substance to determine this: litmus tests and pH paper.
1. You have 18 substances stationed around the room. Each are labeled with the appropriate
name and listed in the table below.
2. Predict if the substance is an acid, base, or neutral substance. Record prediction in the
correct column.
3. The next test is the litmus test. This will serve as a prediction test. If your prediction indicated
the substance was an acid, use the blue litmus paper. It should turn red. If you think the
substance was a base, use the red litmus paper, it should turn blue. If you think the substance is
neutral, use the both pink & blue paper. Record your result under the litmus column
5. The final test is to determine the number of the substance on the pH scale. Use the pH
Hydrion Paper. Dip a strip into each substance. Wait 30 seconds for the paper to change and
compare with the scale on the tube. Record the number that the color matches in the correct
column on the data table.
6. Discard strips in the receptacle provided.
Tap Water
Salt Water
Lemon Juice
Hand Soap Water
Liquid Plummer
Baking Soda in
Apple Juice
Distilled Water
Litmus Paper
pH Paper
Acid, Base, or
Watch this video: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-strengths-and-weaknesses-of-acids-andbases-george-zaidan-and-charles-morton
Add new knowledge from the video to your IN notes.
Analysis Questions:
1. Explain why some substances are acids and some substances are bases.
2. What does it mean to say that distilled water is neutral? What pH should it have?
3. Consider the food items tested. What conclusions, if any, can you make concerning their pH? What
conclusion can be made about the cleaning products in general?
4. From the data collected, what generalization can you make about the pH of a solution and the effect
of a solution on litmus paper?
5. Using the data from this investigation, design a pH scale by listing the name and the pH of the
substances tested.
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