1. Tina tends to purchase various brands of bath soap .She has never been loyal to a
special brand; instead ,she does a lot of brand switching. Tina exhibits .. . . ... . .
. ... . . ... ..
a) brand familiarity buying behavior
b) variety seeking buying behavior
c) dissonance reducing buying behavior
d) habitual buying behavior
e) complex buying behavior
2. when consumers are highly involved with the purchase of an expensive ,
infrequent, purchase but see little difference among brands ,they most likely will
undertake.... .. .. . . .
a) dissonance reducing buying behavior
b) variety seeking buying behavior
c) habitual buying behaviour
d) complex buying behavior
e) reflective buying behavior
3. Cameron loves to know about and purchase the most up to date technological gadgets
his friends ,he is almost always the first to own the newest electronic product. Often the
that Cameron buys become adopted by large groups of consumers, but occasionally
Cameron purchase a product that is adopted by only s small portion of the population
.to who following adopter groups does Cameron belong?‘
a) laggards
b) early adopters
c) innovators
d) early majority
e) late majority
4. Relative advantage ,compatibility ,complexity ,divisibility ,and communicable
examples of......... . .
a) post purchase behavior
b) individual differences in innovation
c) dissonance reducing buying behaviors
d) alternative evaluations
e) product characteristics that influence rate of adoption
5. The consumer market is made up of which of the following?‘
a) Individuals who acquire goods or services for personal consumption
b) households that purchase goods or services for personal consumption
c) retailers that purchase goods and services for their store
d) a and b
e) all of the above
6. john Herr's company has standardized that size of its paper bags so that
Each bag can be used in five to seven difference store departments. This approach so
cost reduction likely took place in the stage of the business buying process.
a) General need description
b) Supplier search
c) Product specification
d) Problem recognition
e) Proposal solicitation
7. in which stage of the business buying process is it a supplier's task to make sure that
the supplier is giving the buyer the expected satisfaction?
a) Performance review
b) Supplier search
c) Product specification
d) Problem recognition
e) Proposal solicitation
8. Don brandy is responsible price quotations from various vendors. After reviewing
them. Don then determines whether or not to include the vendor on the approved vendor
list. Don apparently plays two roles, that of……and…….
a) user; buyer
b) Decider; buyer
c) Buyer; influencer
d) Buyer; gatekeeper
c) Gatekeeper; influencer
10. Which of the following is NOT a way that business and consumer markets differ?
a) Decision processes
b) Nature of the buying umt
c) Types of decisions
d) Satisfaction of needs through purchases
e) Market structure and demand
11. Lifestyle characteristic and personality characteristics are two types of
Variables segmentation.
a) User status
b) Psychographic
c) Behavioral
d) Demographic
e) Social class
12. When choosing a target marketing strategy, many factors need to be Considered. Which
of the following does your text NOT mention as? Important?
a) Degree of product variability
b) Company resources
c) Product cost
d) Competitors' marketing strategies
e) Product life cycle stage
13. A company or store gains a (n) by differentiating its products And delivering more value.
a) Positioning advantage
b) Cost advantage
c) Synergy
d) Efficiency advantage
e) Competitive advantage
14. A brand difference is worth establishing and promoting to the extend that it satisfied all of
the criteria below EXCEPT which one?
a) Important
b) Superior
c) Preemptive
d) Divisible
e) Affordable
15. neiman Marcus claims superior quality , performance and style. The owners provide the
most upscale products and services and charge a higher price to cover the higher costs. What
type of positioning does neiman marcus use?
a) More for less
b) More for more
c) The same for less
d) More for the same
e) The same for more
16. Building, keeping and growing profitable relationships by delivering customer value and
satisfaction is called
a) Customer relationship management
b) Customer perceived value
c) Societal marketing
d) Database marketing
e) Customer lifetime value
17. Which marketing orientation calls for aggressive promotional efforts and focused
generating transactions to obtain profitable sales?
a) Marketing concept
b) Societal marketing concept
c) Product concept
d) Selling concept
e) Production concept
18. Which of the following refers to sellers being preoccupied with their own products and
loss sight of underlyng consumer needs?
a) Internet
b) single source data
c) Experimental
d) Observation
e) Interview
19. A consumer organization environmental group or minority group has challenged your first
stand on a local issue. Your firm is being challenged by a public.
a) Government
b) General
c) Citizen action
d) Media
e) Local
20. The method of gathering market research provides information about what happened or
not why it happens.
a) Internet
b) Single source data
c) Experimental
d) Observation
e) Interview
Explain the conditions necessary for effective segmentation.
Explain the major types of business buying situations.
Explain the stages that consumers should go through in the process of adoption product
Simply explain the difference between MkIS and DSS.
explain the conditions for successful marketing exchange.
Discuss the followings.
a) Business cycles are one of the economic forces that influence companies marketing
efforts. Explain four different business cycles and how these stages influence
compares' marketing activities
b) Business market does differ from consumer market. Discuss the characterstic of
business market demand..
Assume that you are one of the marketing staff of a well-known fast food Chain. Your
management expect from you to prepare report about what would be the different target
market strategies that your company will apply in TRNC. Base on this expectation, please
compare and contrast all possible target market strategy that your company considers
while choosing the markets that it will focus on.
Assume that you are regional marketing manager of Dell Corporation who produces
electronics and computers. You are responsible to serve consumer market. Your aim is to
reach middle income consumers where purchasing a laptop is an important decision. Discuss
to detail what kind of stages that your consumer's experience during their buying decision
process and what should you do as a marketer m order to influence these stages in favor of
your company?
Discuss the followings.(10pts) a) explain the utilities that marketing creates.
Compare and contrast the difference between dimorphic basis of segmentation and behavioral
basis of segmentation m consumer market.
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