Fix Canon Printer Error E100-0001 by 1-800-213-8289

Fix Canon Printer Error E100-0001
Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error E1000001
Solution 1: This solution suggests users to turn off the printer and at-least
for 10 minutes. After that turn it on again.
Solution 2: Try to perform a flip open process at the top of the printer and
search for a small shutter which is used to hold the laser. As suggested
by Canon Printer Repair tech support engineers, carefully force this open
with the hands and force the laser out into the center space of the tracking
cradle. After moving the laser, just unplug the printer for at-least few
minutes and plug the printer device into it again.
Solution 3: Well, if the issue does not resolve after applying all these steps
then, it is recommended to get connected with a professional technical team
immediately to avoid future issues.
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