Grid Design for Power Transmission & Distribution Substation as per IEEE80 Presentation by JMV LPS

INDIA Belive Smart Power
Transmission and Distribution
Sabco Bijlee Milegi Hum Dekarke Rahenge
Presentation on Best Practice for
Electrical Equipment Installation and Safety of
Product(Earthing & Protection)Follow IEEE80
Electric Power Systems for Indian Modern Rolling Stocks
Grid/Earth Mat Design
Designing of Grid Earthing for Power Transmission & Distribution Substation World follow
Electrical Safety as per IEEE80
Use of Copper Clad Steel for Mesh , Copper Bonded Solid Rod Earthing ,Exothermic Joints
for all Burried Connections.
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My Gudget My Confidence My Safety
External/Internal Surge Source
An Arcing Fault is the flow of current through
the air between phase conductors or phase
Concentrated radiant energy is released at the
point of arcing an a small amount of time
resulting in Extremely High Temperature.
Fire Accident
Reason Lose Contact Earthing Disorder and Lightning
Sikhana to Padega Hi Follow NBC2016
Surge in Systems and Result
Maintenance Free - Equipment Earthing
33KV Electrical Sub Station as per IEEE 80
JMV LPS Products
Copper Cladded Conductor For Electrical
The Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductor is made up of steel with the coating of 99.99% pure copper. These
conductors/ wires
or strands are equipped with the strength of steel with the conductivity and copper with the better corrosion
resistance property. The concentric copper cladding is metallurgic ally bonded to a steel core through a continuous,
solid cladding process using pressure rolling for primary bonding. The copper cladding
thickness remains constant surrounding steel. We use different steel grades for the steel core result in Dead Soft
Annealed, High strength and Extra High Strength Characteristics.
The Copper Clad Steel Wire yields a composite conductivity of 21%, 30% and 40% IACS, and available in Annealed
and Hard drawn. We are delivering products with varied conductivity and tensile strength as per the customer need.
Further, the wire can be processed to be silver plated or tinned copper clad steel wire.
Most Efficient Joint Process/Fail Proof
It is efficient and superior to all existing surface –to-surface
mechanical retention connectors.
What is Exothermic Welding System Copper to Bi-Metal and Alumenium
Types of Exothermic Joints:
Possible to join any bi metal except aluminum
Exothermic welding is a process of making maintain free highly molecular bonding process is superior in
performance connection to any known mechanical or compression-type surface-to-surface contact connector.
Exothermic weld connections provide current carrying (fusing) capacity equal to that of the conductor and will
not deteriorate with age.
 It offers Electrical connections between two or more copper to copper and copper to steel conductors.
 Highly portable method as it does not require any external power source or heat source, so it can be done
almost anywhere.
 It provides strong permanent molecular bond among metallic conductors that cannot loosen and further will
not deteriorate with age.
 Connection does not corrode with time and it offers permanent conductivity.
Copper Clad Steel Solid ROD and Conductor
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