Presentation ESE Type Lightning Protecton Year 2017

Follow Safety
Lightning Strikes Lost of Lives and Assests
A strike can average 100 million volts of electricity
Current of up to 100,000 amperes
Can generate 54,000 oF
Lightning strikes somewhere on the Earth every
Kills Many Lives
Damage from Lightning Strike on Ground
Surge Protection Is A Must
Sikhana to Padega Hi Follow Electrical Safety
Grid/Earth Mat Design
Surge in Systems and Result
Surge in DC Application
Copper Cladded Conductor For Electrical
The Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductor is made up of steel with the coating of 99.99% pure copper. These
conductors/ wires
or strands are equipped with the strength of steel with the conductivity and copper with the better corrosion
resistance property. The concentric copper cladding is metallurgic ally bonded to a steel core through a continuous,
solid cladding process using pressure rolling for primary bonding. The copper cladding
thickness remains constant surrounding steel. We use different steel grades for the steel core result in Dead Soft
Annealed, High strength and Extra High Strength Characteristics.
The Copper Clad Steel Wire yields a composite conductivity of 21%, 30% and 40% IACS, and available in Annealed
and Hard drawn. We are delivering products with varied conductivity and tensile strength as per the customer need.
Further, the wire can be processed to be silver plated or tinned copper clad steel wire.
Most Efficient JointProcess
It is efficient and superior to all existing surface –to-surface
mechanical retention connectors.
What is Exothermic Welding System?
Copper to Bi-Metal and Alumenium
Types of Exothermic Joints:
Possible to join any bi metal except aluminum
Exothermic welding is a process of making maintain free highly molecular bonding process is superior in
performance connection to any known mechanical or compression-type surface-to-surface contact connector.
Exothermic weld connections provide current carrying (fusing) capacity equal to that of the conductor and will
not deteriorate with age.
 It offers Electrical connections between two or more copper to copper and copper to steel conductors.
 Highly portable method as it does not require any external power source or heat source, so it can be done
almost anywhere.
 It provides strong permanent molecular bond among metallic conductors that cannot loosen and further will
not deteriorate with age.
 Connection does not corrode with time and it offers permanent conductivity.
Early Streamer Lightning Protection(1)
Advance Systems for ProtectionNFC 17-102
Early Streamer Lightning Protection(2)
Advance Systems for ProtectionNFC 17-102
Standards Worldwide
This page provides information on the main standards (and technical régulations)
in use worldwide.
IEC Declaration by CENELEC for
BT has confirmed that ESE National Standards would remain valid and thus BT recognized
there would be no evidence of conflict between NF C 17‐102 and IEC EN 62‐305 standards and
consequently there is no reason, technical or otherwise, for the withdrawal of the respective
national standard.BT has requested that this standard be modified in order to cancel all
reference to the IEC EN 62‐305 series, allowing the NF C 17‐102 standard to exist, with the
proposal of possible future migration to international level (lEC). Accordingly, it was established
that European ESE standards (France, Spain, Portugal, Slovaquia, etc.) will not
conflict with other European standards and will remain valid.
• GIMELEC would draw your attention to the fact that
the terms of reference of NF C 17‐102 and
• other standards, addressing alternative terminals (NF
C 17‐100, PR EN 61‐024‐1) were from the
• outset, very different. It is a fact that NF C 17‐102,
whilst referring to ESE Technology also
• comments on other standards for lightning protection
systems, particularly incorporating
• faraday cage, franklin rod and catenary wire systems.
the 'camouflaging' of NF C 17‐102 by IEC EN
• 62‐305 and its proponents, that FRENCH STANDARD
NF C 17‐102 is still in full force.
Legal Witness and Explaination of ESE
We Support This
Conlusion Letter
Latest Solar Project ESE Type LA Documents
IEC 62305 and NFC17-102
Want to meet Expert in India for Lightning
Protection Instalation in your Facilities
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