Becoming a Go-To Person

Thanks for downloading this free guide, and I’m really excited to be supporting you to get
greater results from participating in Twitter Chats – specifically how you can attract more
of your followers to become warm leads for your business, who you can nurture into
paying customers.
Participating in Twitter Chats is one of my most profitable attraction and connection
strategies, and if you’ve read my free “8 Steps to Profitable Social Marketing” eBook, you’ll
know that ‘Attract’ is the first of the 8 stages your social media followers need to journey
through before they’ll be ready to buy from you.
The 2nd step is ‘Connect’ – having conversations and building a relationship over time. The
3rd step is to ‘Capture’ their details, which we’re coming to, and the 4 th step is to ‘Nurture’
the relationship.
Step 5 is to ‘Verify’ why they should buy from you, step 6 is to ‘Satisfy’ them that they can
trust you, and at step 7, they’re ready to speak to you, make a small purchase, or discuss
buying something with a bigger price ticket.
At step 8, they ‘Convert’ into a private client or repeat customer.
I’ve met people in Twitter Chats, who through our participation in just one chat have gone
on to become clients. But I don’t expect that because relationship building is usually a
longer-term process.
So I direct my efforts towards getting leads, and inside this guide, I’m going to walk you
through the (very simple) strategy I have used in my own business to generate close to
1,000 new warm leads for my business in the past 12 months, from participating in 1-2
Twitter Chats per week – with around 35% of them converting into customers to date.
Ready? Let’s get started.
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
Over the year or so I’ve been actively participating in Twitter Chats, I’ve observed that the
people who turn up and join in, but aren’t getting new warm leads, sit on both ends of the
1. Person A views the Twitter Chat as a social event. They show up regularly and
participate, but don’t have any strategy in place for how they will get a return on
their time.
2. Person B considers their fellow participants to be “eager buyers” and focuses their
efforts entirely on promoting their offers, in the hope that these “eager buyers” will
snap up their wares.
I can tell you now, that neither of these approaches will convert at any great level. It’s fair
to say that if you’re person A, you may attract a handful of leads just by chatting to the
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
other participants, and it’s also true that by posting your offers, person B may get a handful
of buyers.
But here’s the thing… my time is a valuable asset of my business. And if I am going to invest
my time, I don’t want to leave it to chance whether I can get a good return or not.
And I would hope that you feel the same.
The gold in participating in Twitter chats sits in the middle – promoting and conversing.
Let’s break this down into a bit more detail…
When people visit your website but aren’t yet ready to buy, and you don’t have a Lead
Magnet available, they will close the page and leave – and you’ll have no way of
contacting them ever again.
However, just because someone isn’t ready to buy now, that doesn’t mean they’ll never be
ready. But just because someone visited your website once or twice, doesn’t mean they’ll
remember doing so, or even remember your name when they do need what you offer.
Let’s test this for a moment… think back to six months ago – can you remember whose sites
you visited (without checking your History!)?
They only way anyone will remember you later is if they happen to come across you again
somewhere on social media – and that’s a big ol’ ’might’.
Because that relies on you a) keeping access to your Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin accounts,
AND b) your posts getting in front of the person who visited your site once, again.
That’s a very big risk to take with your income!
The harsh reality is that most people who visit your website will not be ready to buy… so
that’s a serious amount of sales opportunities you’re throwing away there, eh?!
Enough of the bad news…
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
Depending on the type of business you run, your Lead
Magnet must be something of value to your ideal
clients, but can be in any format; eBook, free guide,
report, video series, audio, cheat sheet, VIP Club
(where they can get extra bonuses and incentives) –
that your website visitor can access in exchange for
their email address.
This guide that you’re reading now is one of my Lead
Simple question – do YOU have a Lead Magnet available to
your website visitors?
Your Lead Magnet is the vital piece of the jigsaw of
generating leads. After all, the clue is in the name!
If you don’t have a Lead Magnet on offer, STOP reading and go create one now! If you’d
like my help, check out my Lead Magnet Academy Program, where you can work with me
to get your Lead Magnet created over the next 30 days.
At the very minimum, when you show up for a Twitter Chat, you should have at least one
tweet inviting people to opt in for your Lead Magnet, that is posted within the correct
timeslot, and including the correct hashtag.
If you will be showing up for #LeadGenHour, your tweet should be scheduled for between
8pm and 9pm on Tuesday (UK time), and including the hashtag #LeadGenHour.
That is the minimum. However, I recommend that wherever possible you schedule 2-4
tweets to go into the Chat – but ONLY if you are going to show up for the Twitter Chat,
and be an active participant.
If you are not intending to show up, do not schedule any tweets to appear in the
conversation, as it will do more damage to your results than good.
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
I usually schedule 4 tweets;
1 – At around 5 minutes into the chat, I tweet an invite to download one of my Lead
2 – Around 15-20 minutes into the chat I tweet a blog post that is relevant to the other
participants, and the blog post sits on my website which has an opt in form in the sidebar
3 – At approximately 30-40 minutes into the chat, I tweet an invite to opt in for another of
my Lead Magnets
4 – Finally in the last 10-15 minutes of the chat, I tweet an offer to buy a specific product
or service.
So, within the hour of the chat, ¾ of my tweets are based on offering value, and the 4 th
tweet is asking for the sale.
If you only have one Lead Magnet, I don’t recommend you repeat the same tweet over and
over during the hour, just tweet 2 blog posts, a Lead Magnet and an offer, or some other
To schedule your tweets, you can use Hootsuite (free for one user, adding up to 5 social
Ok, so you’ve scheduled your tweets, and made your Lead Magnet available, so far so good.
But how do you get your fellow participants in the Twitter Chat (and indeed your followers
in general) interested in getting their hands on your Lead Magnet?
The answer? You have to show up and have conversations… lots of ‘em!
I know I’m repeating myself with the “show up live” point, but seriously, if you do not bother
to turn up and participate regularly, you ain’t gonna get the results. It’s as simple as that.
Now, having conversations does not mean you send everyone an individual tweet with a
link to your Lead Magnet opt in page, blog post or offer. Urgh!
It means that you talk to the other participants about whatever they’re talking about… just
as you would if you were at a party.
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
In fact, you should think of a Twitter Chat as a party, where you can go and socialize with a
group of people and have fun.
What you do is to view all of the tweets that include the # (don’t worry, I’ll be giving you a
step-by-step guide to participating in just a few minutes) and start replying to them.
For example if you see a tweet;
Asking a question – answer the question
Sharing an opinion – offer your opinion
Requesting feedback – give them your feedback
Offering cake – run over there and grab the cake – and bring a slice back for me!
(That was a joke by the way, although cake is always good in my world hehe!)
Just imagine that the person is sat right opposite you, and instead of writing a tweet, they
had just spoken the words to you out loud. The way you would respond to them in person
is how you should respond to their tweet. Make sense?
(Becoming a Go-To Person)
Over time, as you attend Twitter Chats, your scheduled tweets will help people get to
know what you do. It’s impossible to get recognition from the entire Twittersphere (unless
you’re Lady Gaga, which I’m assuming you’re not?!) but it is easy to build a profile within a
smaller community.
Each Twitter Chat is a separate ‘smaller community’. So when you become known for what
you do in ‘a’ community, it can spiral out into others, as the people you have met will be
mentioning you in the other communities they are part of.
And one benefit for you of getting this recognition, is that whenever they hear of someone
who wants what you offer, your name will be first in their mind.
I’ve seen whole businesses built on the back of one person getting known for something
within a small online community. They got so many recommendations from others in the
group, that they had to turn people away.
Another benefit of getting recognition within a small community is that people will see you
engaging in conversations, see your name mentioned in other conversations and be
intrigued by you. Their intrigue will lead them to your website via your scheduled tweets
in the chat, and wanting to download your Lead Magnet.
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
Plus… they’ll be sharing your broadcast tweets with their followers too. Twitter Chat
etiquette is that participants not only have conversations with each other to build
relationships, but also you share each other’s’ broadcast tweets. So while you are sharing
their Lead Magnet invite tweet, they’re sharing yours too – giving your Lead Magnet
exposure to hundreds and thousands of people within that hour.
Before I walk you through the step-by-step process of participating in a Twitter Chat,
there’s one more golden nugget I want to share with you – and that is… remarketing.
If you’ve ever visited a website, and then seen adverts for the site or product page you’ve
just visited, that is remarketing in practice.
It happens a lot on Facebook… you’ll go browsing Amazon for something, and there in your
Facebook sidebar is an advert for that very thing. Lots of companies do this; it’s not just
They’re tracking your site visits with cookies that have been dropped into your browser,
and then using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to get in front of you again on Facebook – to
remind you to buy. (Tip: if you want rid of the remarketing ads, just clear your cookies on your
internet browser, and they’ll go away.)
Now, PPC is a whole other topic, and I’m not going to go into detail here.
But what I do recommend is that you install a Facebook and Twitter remarketing pixel on
your website now – so that you can be tracking people who visit your website, giving you
the capability of running remarketing PPC ads to them in the future.
To create and install the Facebook remarketing pixel, follow the steps in my blog post here
To create and install the Twitter remarketing pixel, follow the steps in my blog post here
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
Step-by-Step Guide
STEP 1. Log into your Twitter account at the designated time (e.g. 8pm UK on Tuesdays
for #LeadGenHour)
STEP 2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type in the hashtag – and hit enter
STEP 3. On the next page click All Tweets to make sure you get all tweets that has the
hashtag #LeadGenHour, not just the top tweets. Now you can see all the conversations
happening in the Twitter Chat.
STEP 4. When you see a tweet you want to interact with, click on the arrow to open a reply
box, and type your reply (remembering to include #LeadGenHour in your reply) to have
conversations with people.
STEP 5. Retweet other people’s Promotion Tweets.
Click on the icon with 2 arrows to retweet the other participants’ broadcast tweets. You
aren’t expected to retweet every broadcast tweet from your fellow participants, but you
should retweet some of them, especially if they have retweeted yours.
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
STEP 6. Monitor your mentions for tweets that have been sent to you
As you begin interacting with other participants, they will be replying to you. So as well as
monitoring the whole conversation (as per step 3), you also need to monitor for tweets
sent direct to you. You’ll find these in the ‘Notifications’ section, under ‘Mentions’
You may find it easier to have Hootsuite open in a separate tab, to monitor your mentions
in Hootsuite, and the # conversation in Twitter.
Personally I use the Echofon Pro Twitter app on my phone, which has the cleanest
interface I have ever found on a Twitter app, and makes it super easy for me to keep track
of the conversation and my mentions in one place. I run #LeadGenHour from my phone,
using Echofon Pro too.
A big benefit of participating in Twitter chats is that you share each other’s promotion
tweets. You don’t have to share all promotion tweets, just be sure to be seen that you’re
sharing. When you share other people's Lead Magnet to your followers, they will also
share your Lead Magnet invitation. This will get your Lead Magnet seen by hundreds and
thousands of people within an hour.
That’s it. Simple huh?
It’s time for you to go generate leads for your business now. Like I said, over the past 12
months, I’ve added almost 1,000 people to my email database by following these steps,
including on one occasion, gaining a hundred new leads in one hour spent in one Twitter
Where else could you generate a hundred new leads for your business for free within 6o
minutes, without having to stand on a big stage and talk to a lot of people, or running PPC
I’d love to see you between 8pm and 9pm UK Time on Tuesday evenings for
#LeadGenHour! Will you be coming along?
#LeadGenHour Every Tuesday 8PM-9PM
Follow the steps that I’ve outlined in this guide, turn up live, share your Lead Magnet and
actively participate.
I’ll be there (@VeronicaPullen) to guide you if you get stuck, so don’t worry if it is all new
to you.
And I look forward to getting to know you and your business. Let’s get sharing your Lead
Magnet with people who may well turn out to be your next new warm leads – or paying
The Next Steps
If you don’t yet have a Lead Magnet, head over and check out my Lead Magnet Academy
Program at
If you haven’t read my free eBook “8 Steps to Profitable Social Marketing”, you can get
it at You’ll read about the 7 emotion states your followers go
through before they will feel comfortable buying from you, so you can make sure that
you’re covering all of these in the way that you use social media to market your business.
Check out my virtual training and mentoring programs if you’d like to work with me to
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With love,
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