Infoline May 2014

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From The Chairman's Desk
Expected Economic Changes with the New Government
The new leadership is expected to address the industry
concerns and plan for long term development with a
progressive mind set. A remarkable change in the sentiment
has been witnessed over the past few weeks. Market
experts believe that the expectations arising from the
formation of new government will place the market in a bull
phase for the next couple of years which would drive the investors back to the
market. The productive decision making and improved governance would in
turn help in speedy clearances, thus paving the way for a more responsive
The consequent increase in overall exchange volumes has already seen more
investor participation. A sharp spike in the trading volume is attributed to greater
participation of retail investors, also the return of foreign institutional investors
(FIIs). The optimism of the market pundits were visible long before the
announcement of the election results considering the benchmark indices at all
time high. There has been a steady rise in the markets in the past few months
owing to the expectations of a stable and business- friendly government at the
center. It is to be hoped that the market regulator, promoters and investment
bankers would be more careful in keeping these expectations under check
considering the lessons learnt in the past. Foreign institutional investors (FIIs)
too seem to be confident that the new government will move ahead with the
reforms and expedite decisions on key projects. In order to revive the stagnant
economy, the new government will have to address concerns like inflation,
supply bottlenecks, investing in manufacturing & infrastructure, rising prices,
policy stagnancy etc. The economic priorities are to be set and policy direction
to be articulated in order to build trust amongst businesses and society at large.
The issues expected to be dealt with by the government include bringing back
the economic growth and creating more employment opportunities apart from
catalyzing business and reducing the interest rate. The other area that needs to
be addressed with immediate effect would be revitalization of the banking
The belief among people says the government will be progressive and will help
in creating an investment environment required for growth. The investors
should start investing gradually, without waiting to time their investments as
markets are expected to do well through the next three to five years. The
composition of the cabinet, the union budget & its implementation and initial
policy corrections will help investors to sense which direction the leadership is
Thanks & with best wishes
Alok Kumar Agarwal
May - 2014
Volume - VII, Issue - 05, Re. 1/-
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RNI No : DELBIL/2008/24661
Postal Regd. No. DL(C)-14/1290/2012-2014
U No. :U (C) – 44/2012-14
National Pension System- An Ideal Choice for Retirement Planning!
National Pension System (NPS) was introduced with an objective to promote old age income security by establishing,
developing and regulating pension funds. In NPS, the subscriber will invest a pre – defined sum every month in a fund
chosen by him/her and at the time of retirement will receive a lump sum amount depending on the performance of that
fund. Although started as a pension system only for the government employees, now NPS has been opened to people
from the private sector and is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority ( PFRDA).
Every individual subscriber of NPS is issued a 12 digit unique number called Permanent Retirement Account Number
(PRAN). The scheme is structured into two tiers:
Tier I Account: Minimum amount of contribution required to be made in a tier I account is Rs 6000/- per financial year,
premature withdrawal is not allowed until the subscriber attains the age of 60 years.
Tier II Account: It acts as an add-on to tier I account, contributions made in this account are freely withdrawable.
Some other major Features
• It is portable. You can operate your account from anywhere in the country, even if you change your city, job or your
pension fund manager.
• NPS is open to every Indian citizen. You can choose the amount you want to set aside and save every year.
• Cost efficient investment option with unique tax benefits.
• You can choose your own investment option and pension fund and see your money grow.
• Professional record-keeping and fund management.
• Safe and reasonable market based returns over the long term.
Benefits with Alankit
Unique feature of being a POP as well as CRA-FC
Operational expertise with all the processes of documentation
Vast experience in dealing with large customer centric and government initiated projects.
Pan India reach to cater to all sections of society
Contribution towards social development and welfare
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