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Good New
Principal, M
Term one Week 4
Thursday 26 February 2015
Calendar Dates
Year 5-11 Swimming Carnival
Monday 23 -Friday 27 February
Yr 6 Camp– Canberra
Friday 27 February
District Swim Carnival—Selected
Years 3-6 Students
Koorong Kids Book Club
Tuesday 3 March
Division Swim Carnival—Selected
Years 7-11 Students
Wednesday 4 –6 March
Year 9 Camp-CYC City
Scholastic book order due
Monday 9 March
Labour Day Public Holiday
Thursday 12 March
Division Swimming Carnival-Selected
Years 3-6
Year 5 Excursion– Grip Student
Leadership Conference
Friday 13 March
Year 8 Excursion– Scienceworks
Good News Lutheran College
Monday 9 March is Labour Day
Public Holiday– Students are not
required at school
580 Tarneit Road, Tarneit, Victoria 3029
PO Box 2193, Werribee, Victoria 3030
03 8742 9000
Absentee line 03 8742 9090
03 9748 0633
Year 6 Canberra Camp
Chaplain’s Chat
What a busy start to the school year! As we get to the halfway point of the term, I thought I would send out some information
to everyone. Chapel for the College is something we see as vital for the culture and development of the College. This year the
chapel services are as follows:
Monday 8.50-9.10am is Middle School Chapel
Tuesday 8.50-9.10am (from week 6) will be Years 3 to 5
Wednesdays 8.50-9.10am (from week 6) will be Prep to Year 2
Thursdays 8.50-9.10am is Senior School Chapel
This is a time to worship together and we invite any parents or caregivers who are free to come and worship with us. As most
of you know, each term we also donate money to a charity. This term we will be donating to the Ebola crisis through the
Australian Lutheran World Service.
Yours In Faith,
Joshua Hauser
College Chaplain
Junior School Report
You have most likely already noticed that we have many ways of keeping you informed about activities at GNLC. This newsletter,
notes home from the College office and the Facebook page are ways of getting out messages from the whole College.
Teachers are making an extra effort to keep you informed of classroom topics, events and activities. At each year level, teachers
either send home a fortnightly newsletter, or keep you informed via a classroom blog.
Year 1:
Year 4:
Year 5:
Years 2 and 3: Teachers have chosen to write a fortnightly newsletter. The next one will come home on or before 27 February.
If you have not yet received news from your child’s teacher, write a note in the diary asking them about the updates. We want to
make sure you are informed.
Janet Abercrombie
Head of Junior School
Middle School Report
A Growth Mindset all the way!
Staff at GNLC have been introduced to the concept of Positive Education last year with one area of focus being the concept of
‘Growth Mindset’ v ‘Fixed Mindset’. This idea of how we see ourselves and how we see success, is critical in our own personal
development. The basic concept is that if we have a Growth Mindset, we believe that success can be achieved through hard work
and that we all have the ability to be successful. A Fixed Mindset is based on a belief that our success is basically predetermined
and that there are some things that we will simply never be good at. The danger that this presents to our young people is that,
unless they have or can develop a Growth Mindset, they can very quickly become despondent and lose sight of their goals. For
them, school becomes too hard or achieving success outside of school is just never going to happen for them.
A Growth Mindset begins with the support and encouragement around us. Our family and friends can have a huge influence on
how we view our own abilities and successes. This is why it is really important for both teachers and parents to maintain a
positive approach with our students. There is always room for students to improve and achieve success here at school. We are
always encouraging our students to continually work hard even when they feel as though they can’t do it. There is always
success just around the corner.
Creating that positive environment here at school is great, but it is just as important, if not more important, for our young people
to hear this positive affirmation from their parents and family members at home. Our young people look up to their parents and
value the feedback given to them (although as teenagers they perhaps don’t express this very well). We need to constantly
encourage them to work hard and apply themselves, in order for success to be achieved.
What are your child’s dreams and goals? Have you had a conversation recently with your child to find out what they aspire to be
or achieve? If not, perhaps it is time to have another one of these conversations to find out just what you can do, as a parent, to
help them achieve success. Never underestimate the power of parental involvement.
Success begins with a Growth Mindset!
Nathan Shrowder
Head of Middle School
Senior School Report
Senior School Snippets
The Senior School has been a hive of industry during the month of February. Students have now fallen in to the new routine of a
two week timetable and all seem to be coping well.
Just a gentle reminder that girls cannot wear the cotton dresses as part of their summer uniform and should be mindful of the
length of their skirts, which are to be knee length.
Distance Education VCE Units 1 and 2
Distance Education is certainly helping students to be independent learners and study skills and the use of study time, has
certainly improved over the past few weeks. Students have been submitting their work on time and are developing relationships
with their Distance subject teachers.
Friday 27 February is the Distance Education Orientation day at their offices in Thornbury. A bus will leave the College at 8.30 am
returning to the College by approximately 2.00 pm. This will be an interesting day with the guest speaker being Neighbours
actress Ariel Kaplan, who is a past Distance Education student.
Our First VCE Certificates
On Friday 20 February 2015, the very first batch of official VCE Units 1 and 2 certificates were handed out to the Year 11 students
who completed Units 1 and 2 of VCE Health and Human Development. There were smiling faces all round and huge applause
from the rest of the Senior School. A proud moment for all!
Christine Taylor
Head of Senior School
Boys Cricket
The Year 9 and 10 boys cricket team
recently played some well contested games
of T20 style cricket against three local
schools. Their great sportsmanship and
attitude was praised by the convenor and
with two losses and one win against much
larger schools, the day was a great success.
Thanks to Mr O'Donnell for assisting with the
morning training sessions
Mr David Bernard, Cricket Coach
Important Reminder
It has been noticed, that before and after school, there are cars parking in the
‘No Standing’ Zone directly near the school crossing in Caraleena Drive.
This is illegal and extremely dangerous as it obstructs the view to the crossing.
All road rules must be adhered to and are there for the absolute safety of our students and families.
Good News Lutheran College
SMS Number
GNLC has a dedicated SMS number 0448 825 424 which
you can now use to SMS the College of your child’s absence.
Please ensure you state your child’s name, class and reason
for their absence.
When your child returns to school, please supply a signed
note, email or medical certificate explaining their absence.
Junk Food Free!
What was in your child’s lunch box today?
A Healthy lunch, well balanced, with a
mixture of bread, salad and fruit is as
important to a child’s wellbeing as
healthy exercise and a good night’s sleep.
Please avoid bringing take away foods or putting too much
fatty, sweet or packaged food in your child’s lunchbox or any
nut products.
Check o ut Ki dzbodz at :
for some great information and
OUR AIM: To help College parents get solutions and support for the most common questions and challenges relating to your
child’s learning journey in an informal workshop setting.
Register for the next Parent Information Session to …
GAIN useful strategies and tips that can help your child
SHARE your parenting experiences
MEET other College parents who may be going through the same situation as you and (probably) asking the same
You will discover …
The benefits of motivation/Why motivation matters
How to help your child get motivated and stay motivated while learning
How to respond when your child appears uninterested or demotivated
When: Friday 13 March at 1.30 pm (1.45 pm start)
Where: Foyer of College Chapel
Coffee, tea and snacks kindly provided by the Good News Coffee Club
To register, email your name and contact details to
Bubs, toddlers and preschoolers are welcome
Good News has a Facebook group for College
families to buy, swap & sell second hand uniform.
The group name is “Good News Lutheran College
Uniform Buy, Swap & Sell”. Please request to join,
as this is a private group.
This is an opportunity for families to sell & buy
college uniforms from each other.
ITS NOT TOO LATE to register … This Sunday is the Annual Wyndham
Rotary Fun Run and you can even register on the day!
We invite you to consider joining our ‘Good News Lutheran College’ team
this year for the Annual Wyndham Rotary Fun Run.
This event raises much needed funds towards the Good Friday Appeal.
( Royal Children’s Hospital Fundraiser )
Our College has participated and won the School’s Challenge for the past
several years!
This fun event will not only raise awareness and funds for the Good Friday appeal, but is a great
way for our College staff and students to get together and form a team and enjoy a great family day
out together.
Please see Mr Greenhough or Mrs Belani for registration details or use the link below.
The College Art room is in need of ice cream containers. If you have any,
please drop them off at the College office.
Instrumental Lessons at School
Did you know that Music:
Develops mind, hand & eye coordination
Enhances listening skills
Improves self esteem
Is fun!
‘ help young people discover that learning is not a destination, but a journey, an incredibly
wonderful journey to be devoured, savoured and cherished.’
Peter Loel Boonshaft - Teaching Music with Purpose 2006
Enrolment forms are available from the College office or
Contact Genesis Music School direct on 0421 426 674
Daily Devotion
In peace - Luke 2:22-40
St Philips Church
Service Time:
9am Sunday Weekly Worship - 9.30am Sunday School
(school terms)
9am First Sunday of month - family/ youth service
580 Tarneit Road, Tarneit (College site)
Mark Winter :0411 151 741
Service time:
4pm Sunday
27 The Broadway, Altona North
Mark Winter 0411 151 741
Martin Luther Lutheran Church
Christ The Lord
Service Time:
10am Sunday (Slovak)
72-74 Point Cook Road, Seabrook
Jan Havjar 9369 5675
‘Now, Lord, you have kept your promise,
and you may let your servant go in peace.
With my own eyes I have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared in the presence of all
A light to reveal your will to the Gentiles
and bring glory to your people Israel.
St. Philips Church Playgroup
Friday mornings: 9.30am-11.30am during school terms.
Bring a piece of fruit and $2. New families welcome..