Lightcraft Outdoor Environments Model: TR-12-AC

Lightcraft Outdoor Environments
Specification Features
AC DC Rectifier
Key Features:
 Converts 12v DC to 12v AC
 80 watt load
Model: TR-12-AC-DC
Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
Size: 1 1/8” square
Wattage: 80w recommended
(Unit will give off some heat)
Amp: 35a
PIV: 200
Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) or Peak Reverse Voltage (PRV)
refers to the maximum voltage a diode or other device can
withstand in the reverse-biased direction before breakdown.
Also may be called Reverse Breakdown Voltage.
Distance: Up to 100 feet
Dimmable: Not Dimmable
Placement: Put inside transformer in line
between DC fixture and power supply
Direct Burial: Use a plastic container or hub
Installation: One rectifier may be used for
several fixtures or LED strips up to 80 watts.
The rectifier is sealed and potted but it is
recommended to place the unit inside a
small receptacle / hub.
Note: The Rectifier is not a transformer.
Brown Wire: Goes to 12v AC Power
Red Wire: Goes to 12v DC Power
Note + and – marking on the rectifier
Wired in diagonal position and must be polarized.
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