Reading/Writing Workshop

Literacy Block in Ms Palmer’s Grade 5 Classroom
This gives you an idea about what a typical Literacy Block looks like during Reading/Writing Workshop. Our classroom schedule allows us at
least three days a week of Reading/Writing Workshop. This year we have Reading/Writing Workshop Monday through Wednesday each week.
On Thursday we focus on writing skills and Reader’s Theater and conferencing about reading or writing. Friday is usually assessment day when
students take end of the week Word Study assessments and finish publishing their weekly blog. Independent Reading is a part of Literacy Block
each day. Student groups vary depending on our focus that day.
Word Study: Word Work is a part of each
day. Here students are using Spelling City
to practice spelling their words for the
week. Other activities include partner
sorts, word hunts, and other activities to
support spelling , vocabulary, and language
Group Meeting: Students receive small
group instruction on reading skills. Small
group activities often tie writing with
reading skills.
Literacy Center: Students are using an
iPad app to get story starters for
creative writing. Literacy Center may
also focus on vocabulary or activities
to reinforce reading skills.
Just a note: I stepped away a moment to
take the picture. Small group instruction is
facilitated by me. On this day we were
discussing and identifying types of questions
good readers ask during reading.
Independent Reading: Students choose a place in
the room to read by themselves. Our classroom
library is a favorite place for many students. Some
students prefer the hallway or an area in the front
of the room (not pictured).