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Observation according to Montessori

Observing without judgment is one of the most vital teaching tools we have to "follow the child, "
recognize her needs, and assist her in finding her strengths and capabilities.
"She [the teacher] observes in order to recognize the child who has attained the power to
concentrate and to admire the glorious rebirth of his spirit."
—Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind
From Montessori services
I love the idea that what is happening in our classroom is a phenomenon. I looked up the word
to better understand and I love the idea that the learning going on is something remarkable,
something that is happening without explanation, something to be revered. I am so in tune to
results, to outcomes, to see the end without enjoying the journey. Observation is an art form and
it gives me the privilege of witnessing the journey the children are on and coming alongside
them to see it take place.
waiting is an art form, a learned behavior, both for myself and the children
When in my experience have I been told that less is more, not as often as I should have been.
Teaching has been so complex at times, to the point where tricks were the only way children
could grasp the concept. But, is that really understanding or is it a lie we tell ourselves to feel
like we’re reaching the children where we’re told they need to be? What more could children
learn if they are given the freedom to explore the environment and the materials?