Delivering an Academic Advantage with the Internet of

Data Sheet
Delivering an Academic Advantage with the
Internet of Things
The PTC IoT Academic Program is a “passport” to the future for students, makers, and researchers
Discrete manufacturers are building smart, connected products
and need to hire students with Internet of Things (IoT) skills to
remain competitive.
A recent study published by the World Bank1 estimates
that over the next 10 years there will be two million
unfilled Information and Communication Technology
(ICT)-related jobs globally. The PTC IoT Academic
Program, when integrated into curriculum, helps
educators prepare students for gainful employment to
these companies.
The PTC IoT Academic Program consists of the
ThingWorx™ application enablement platform in a PTC
hosted environment where students and educators
can build their own IoT applications. Users also gain
access to step-by-step educational content and
ThingWorx training from PTC University with curricula
that will help them quickly learn the platform as well
as a community web presence to share knowledge and
support. PTC works with corporate customers as well
as market partners to ensure that students from all
disciplines are better prepared to meet the needs of
today’s IoT world.
In addition to providing companies with talented new
hires, benefits of the PTC IoT Academic Program include:
• For Students: An exciting, investigative learning
experience with hands-on exposure to an
application development platform that they may not
get in current classroom curricula. The program
teaches the skills demanded by leading employers
through the same tools that the industry uses. In
addition, it supplements “do it yourself” projects
that run on popular microprocessors.
• For Universities: Increase student retention
while attracting new students and corporate
sponsorships. Improve university reputation
by providing an IoT education that is relevant to
industry needs, ensuring gainful employment of
its graduates and preparing future innovators and
• For Educators: Relieves the burden of having to
teach students how to use the software and lets
them focus on their discipline. By including PTC
University eLearning curriculum and example
applications, students learn how to quickly
use the software, thus freeing up the class
period to do hands-on applications, IoT projects,
entrepreneurial activities, etc.
• For University R&D Affiliates: Provide
ThingWorx as a tool that can be used to conduct
research and respond more quickly to the
corporate sponsors’ inquiries.
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Data Sheet
Over 95 percent of companies say they will be using
the IoT in some form within the next three years2,
which means that educational institutions must better
prepare students to become sought-after new hires
and fulfill the need for IoT talent.
Not only is PTC a thought leader in IoT—working
with 28,000 customers to deliver smart, connected
products—but the PTC IoT Academic Program is
dedicated to delivering this educational advantage
with academic packages on IoT, computer-aided
design, and product lifecycle management. With the
PTC Academic Program, you can develop smart,
connected products right in the classroom.
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