Homework Formatting for Vanessa Jones

Homework Formatting for Vanessa Jones
All homework assignments should be formatted in the following manner. Homework submitted in any
other format will receive a zero.
1. Your name, course number, class days, and class times (in that order) must appear in the upper righthand corner of at least the first page of each homework packet although having your name on the
upper right-hand corner is helpful if your packet becomes separated.
2. Packets must be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. I do not accept loose homework packets. A
clamp style paperclip is acceptable if your homework packet is too thick to be stapled. I do not supply
staples or clamps, so please have that done before you get to class.
3. Each section must be clearly labeled on the left side of the first line of the first page of that section.
Problems assigned for each section should also be included.
4. You may use the front and back of each piece of paper but do not start a new section anywhere except
on the front side of a page (see 3).
5. Do not use pen unless you will be using whiteout for errors.
6. Make sure each problem in each section is clearly labeled.
7. Write out the problem for each question unless it is a word problem longer than a couple lines in the
8. Show ALL WORK. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the entire packet
9. Scratch paper is for your use. I do not want to see scratch work anywhere in your homework packet. All
work should be neat and easy to follow. If I cannot read your work, you will receive a zero.
10. If you use notebook paper, make sure you neatly tear along the perforation. I will not accept homework
packets that have little shreds of paper along the perforation side.
I wish this list was not necessary, but many students are unaware of what homework should look like
when completed. I would hope each of you takes pride in your work. If you have a different style for
formatting homework, I’m sorry and insist you follow the above format. If you have any questions,
make sure you ask before you start your first homework section.