False Alarms - Mississippi Mills

False Alarms
False alarm reports to the police are becoming a real concern in Mississippi Mills. The time and
police resources necessary to attend alarms are staggering.
The Town of Mississippi Mills has recently updated its by-law governing false alarms which
includes provisions for warnings and fines. To date, some alarm holders have experienced
some significant fines as a result of frequent false alarms. Please note that commencing the
third false alarm within a 12 month period, a fee of $200.00 per false alarm occurrence until
there is a period of 12 months with no false alarms.
With the number of homes and businesses that have alarm systems installed throughout the
municipality, the number of calls is escalating and each call requires that 2 officers attend as
a priority call. In a number of instances, officers find no apparent cause for the alarm.
Attendance by officers at false alarm calls means that officers’ time is being taken away from
more urgent and serious police work.
If your property is protected by an alarm, do your homework. Make sure you and those with
access know how to activate and de-activate the alarm. Understand how the system works and
what typically causes false activation (pets, etc.)