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November 13th
5 Reasons to Specify LED Lighting
From energy savings, to improved
visibility and reduced glare, there are a
number of persuasive arguments in
favour of LED. This infographic pulls
together the top five benefits of LED
lighting solutions.
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ILLUMINATED Comment, opinion and best practice from across the sector, with
contributions from leading figures in the lighting industry.
Retail Lighting by Numbers
Shopping centre owners and retailers
know a surprisingly small amount about
their shoppers. That’s changing, a bit,
because most of the big landlords have
replaced their piecemeal consumer
research by what has become effectively
continuous research.
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Shadows and Emotion:
Lighting for the Fashion Industry
Looking at a shop window, there has to
be something captivating to pull you in or
most people wouldn’t even bother getting
close enough to have a look at what’s on
display. Lighting is one of the most basic
but most effective tools we have at our
disposal for creating this sense of
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Grosvenor House Duba:
GE Balatonfüred:
The Path to Green Lighting
Small Town, Great Energy Efficiency
One of Dubai’s most architecturally
compelling hospitality projects,
Grosvenor House serves as a model for
the region by setting a new trend in
environmental sustainability while
Balatonfüred City Council in Hungary, as
part of its greening strategy, changed its
old lighting system to GE’s public LED
lighting solution, with increased energy
efficiency, long-life and low maintenance.
ensuring the highest standards of
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aesthetics through its ‘green’ approach to
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Find out more about the benefits of GE’s brand new LED Replacement lamps,
InfusionTM LED Modules, Spinella, AMIx, TMBt&TLBt fixtures!
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GE Lighting’s MEAT Roadshow in Saudi Arabia
Al Khobar, Jubail, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1623. November 2014.
Be part of a special experience, and get to know more about
the benefits of LED lighting!
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Salon Des Maires 2014
Hall 3 – H55, Paris, 25-7. November 2014. november 4.
Salon Des Maires et Des Collectivites Locales is the
exhibition for Mayors and Local Authorities offering a great
French meeting event for public procurement.
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