krones EvoLite

krones EvoLite
Pack strapping for PET bottles
Strapping suffices
LitePac is the packaging alternative
for the future. The pack formation
of PET bottles gets along completely
without film wrapping. A stable PET
strap – as is familiar from other packaging and strapping tasks – is all that
is needed. The packaging machine
EvoLite is responsible for generating
the proper tension to firmly secure
the sturdy PET strap around the pack
and to attach the PP handle.
■ The packaging machine EvoLite consists of only two modules
which produce this efficient and
practical Li-tePac pack. In the
infeed module the containers
arriving continually are divided
into lanes and subsequently they
are led together in the diagonal
container formation.
■ In the following container strapping module, four strapping units
produce the LitePac packs in a continuous process. The encircling
strap and the handle are thereby
attached in one operational step
per strapping head. The sequences
of the individual strapping processes in the head thereby mesh
with one another.
krones EvoLite
■ Due to the coil magazine located
at the side of the machine, optimum ergonomics are assured for
the operator entrusted with the
loading of the coil carriers. The
intervals for changing thereby lie
at only once per shift. The weight
of a coil amounts to approx. 18 kg,
so that no mechanical aids are required for the change.
■ The control cabinets integrated
in the machine frame enable fast
start-up on site. The dimensions
of the Evo-Lite packaging machine
are designed in such a way that
the machine can be accommodated on the base area of a standard shrink packer and integrated in
existing lines.
For what types of containers can
the LitePack concept with EvoLite be
■ EvoLite produces packs in 2x2, 2x3
and 2x1 formations.
■ The concept can be employed for
PET bottles with a volume of 0.3
to 3 litres. Bottles with a diameter
starting from 50 mm and with a
container height of maximally
400 mm can be processed.
■ For safe stability of the pack, it is
requisite that containers with a recessed grip or groove in the upper
third of the container be used. The
minimum height of the strapping
lies at 110 mm.
Your benefits
■ Discover packaging alternative
With EvoLite the use of packaging
film for the production of manageable packs is superfluous. Positive
consumer perception, cost advantages in the procurement of packaging materials and a high degree
of efficiency in the loading of the
pallets are the benefits of this new
packaging alternative.
■ Improved energy balance
Without film there is no need for
a shrink tunnel, that is the energy balance of the EvoLite strapping machine. The omission of the
shrink tunnel improves the energy
balance by up to 90 per cent.
Moreover, one can do without the
separate handle applicator and its
conveyor connection which were
needed up to now and that results
in further savings in the energy
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The machine fulfils the enviro
criteria regarding media and energy efficiency as well as environmental compatibility and was
awarded the enviro seal.
■ Compact machine design
With the clearly arranged basic
layout as well as the omission of
the shrink tunnel and the transport paths required up to now, you
gain area reserves in your production department. New possibilities
in line design such as Bloc synchronisation of packing and palle-tising solutions can be realised with
the EvoLite principle.
■ Integration in existing infrastructures
All the interfaces to upstream or
downstream aggregates such as
conveyors or palletisers have been
prepared and permit fast in-tegration of the strapping machine into
the existing line layout. Due to the
easily accessible modules and the
laterally arranged conveyor feed all
maintenance tasks can be quickly
taken care of.
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krones EvoLite