Predict customer behavior and deliver optimal business

Predict customer behavior and
deliver optimal business outcomes
with advanced analytics and
business intelligence.
Dell Single Score
Gain insight into a new generation of consumers with end-to-end tools
and services
Next-generation consumers are socially connected and mobile. Driven by the
always-on nature of smartphones and tablets, they want to interact with peers
and companies — when and as they need it — and expect an almost-immediate
response. Most business systems are not currently able to provide the level of insight
needed to know these new customers better.
Dell can help. Our Single Score solution generates insights using real-time digital
sources of personal information not found in your organization’s current systems
and combines this data with traditional business information and metrics to deliver
predictable business outcomes. These new real-time sources can be categorized as:
• Engagement: Digital data primarily generated from an engagement — such as
purchases, research, inspiration, employment and education
• Psychographic: Data primarily generated from social media interaction, including
personal expression, likes, needs, wants, affinity and clout
• Physiological: Data generated from smart clothing and accessories, otherwise
known as wearables, such as smart glasses, watches and fitness trackers
• Consumption: Data generated by tapping into the network of devices that
consumers own like mobile devices, automobiles and home entertainment systems,
otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT)
The Dell Single
Score technology
combines digital
data, existing
business rules and
predictive analytics
to empower
organizations with
highly actionable
Key benefits:
• Create qualified leads and tap into
new markets with increased access
to life events, customer interests
and a proven digital engagement
• Increase customer loyalty by
responding to potential issues before
they become problems
• Reduce costs with the ability to easily
understand customer needs and
quickly respond to feedback
Dell Single Score
Consumer information
Business system data
Data you own
Behavioral: information
collected from past
engagement transactions
Third- party information
Data you don’t
Engagement (mobile and IoT)
Psychographic (social)
Direct: information collected
from real- time, direct
engagement with the customer
Physiological (wearable)
Life events, diary and mindflow
Derived: information derived
from findings of real- time, direct
engagement with the customer
Affinity relationships and networks
Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your customers with Single Score
Single Score uses natural language processing techniques to synthesize customer information, as shown in the above graphic, to
create in-depth 360 degree customer profiles that include:
• Prediction indictors that determine a consumer’s likelihood to engage with your business
• Lifestyle attributes that provide insight into consumers’ interests and passions
• Brand sentiment that identifies consumers’ feelings about your brand
• Affinity network that influences buyer decisions
Our Single Score solution is complemented by a host of solutions, offering implementation services, solution hosting and
infrastructure support. Single Score can also be customized to your specific needs. We help you develop a business case and
design a customer engagement strategy as unique as your business model.
Dell Digital Business Services
Dell Digital Business Services enables digital transformation for customers by taking a business-first approach. Digital Business
Services uses a robust consulting methodology to create digital strategy roadmaps for organizations, enabling new revenue models,
exceptional customer engagement and superior operational excellence. Our services utilize digital technologies, such as analytics,
mobile, social media, cloud and IoT, to deliver end-to-end customer solutions.
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