Creating Multiple Choice Questions

Faculty Tutorial
Creating Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple Choice questions allow students to choose one correct answer from up to 20 possible choices.
The main difference between Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer questions is that only one correct
answer can be chosen with Multiple Choice, while more than one can be selected with Multiple Answer.
Note: This tutorial assumes the test has already been created within Blackboard. Refer to the Building
a Test tutorial for further information about this step.
1. From the Test Canvas screen, choose “Multiple Choice” from the Create Question box.
2. Enter a Question Title if desired (optional).
3. Enter the Question Text.
Creating Multiple Choice Questions - Page |1
4. Under the Options section, select the desired configuration.
5. Under the Answers section, select the number of answers to appear and enter each of the choices.
6. Select the button next to the single correct answer.
Creating Multiple Choice Questions - Page |2
7. Under the Feedback section, add feedback for Correct/Incorrect answers if desired.
8. Click Submit to complete the question.
9. To change the point value for the question:
9.1. Click on current point value to be changed.
Creating Multiple Choice Questions - Page |3
9.3. Change the value in the Update Points field, or, click the Extra Credit box if the question is to
be counted as extra credit only.
9.4. Click Submit when finished.
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