Vernier Logger Pro Intro

Name: ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________________ Tutorials #’s to be completed: ___________________________________________________________________ Introduction to Vernier Logger Pro Lab - Honors Biology
: Today you will become familiar with using computer to collect, store, display and analyze data. You will read and perform selected vernier tutorials by using the sensors/probes available. Before you begin working, you must setup the computer with the given sensor probe. Follow the procedures below ­ 1. Log onto the computer and wait for the desktop to appear. Plug in computer to charge if needed. 2. Connect LabPro interface to computer using USB serial cable. 3. Connect the Power AC adapter to the LabPro interface and then the electrical outlet. 4. Listen to the beeping sound to know that you are powered on. Now you may open the Logger Pro software on the computer by following the instructions below: 1. Double click on the Logger Pro icon on the desktop. 2. Looked for a green “Collect” button in the toolbar area. If you have this than you are connected. 3. Look for “File” tab and click the “Open” folder 4. Look for the folder “Tutorials” and click it 5. You will see all the Tutorial numbers. Begin with the “Getting Started” tutorial 6. When you have completed the tutorial, go to the “Folder” icon to open another tutorial. Your teacher will tell you which tutorials to complete. Do not save any changes when prompted after completing each tutorial. Click on “no” and this will open up the next tutorial you want. Carefully review each tutorial because we will be using this programs in the future. Do not try to answer post lab questions as you do each tutorial because you may run out of time. You may take notes as you go along and answer the questions at the end. Submit answers as per your teacher’s instructions. Post Lab Questions​
: 1. What was the temperature of the room during this tutorial lab? __________________________________ 2. Tutorial #2 Temperature Measurement and Tutorial #3 Events with Entry asked you to collect data, describe how the data for this demonstration was displayed on the computer screen. You should identify two ways. Why is it helpful to have these two ways available? 3. How did you start and stop data collection? Explain. 4. Why should you not immediately take a reading with any sensor after immediately starting collection? 5. What does it mean to “store latest run”? 6. Why is it important to use the “store latest run”? Think about the scientific method. 7. Tutorial #5 Manual Data Entry gave you data about garbage collection. What information was represented by the x and y axis? x­axis: _________________________ y­axis: __________________________ 8. Which axis contains the independent variable? ______________ dependent variable? ______________ 9. Tutorial #7 Viewing Graphs presented EKG data. EKG data is a presentation of the electrical activity of the heart. You were able to change the appearance of the graph. In your own words, describe the following and one importance of this feature as it relate to experiments. a. ZOOM: b. rescale a graph: c. autoscale a graph: