The word grateful is not great enough to say how

The word grateful is not great enough to say how grateful
indeed I am to Dr. J-.C. Parikh, my Supervisor Guide
accepted the responsibility of supervising this work without any
hesitation and guided me every minute till the last.
I was much
fortunate to enjoy the opportunities to work under his expert
I shall ever remember his kindness and readiness to
help the student.
I am grateful to Dr. Hira Singh, Director of National
Institute of Social Defence for his keen interest and encourage­
ment in my work.
I deeply appreciate the unfailing assistance
extended to me by my colleagues.
I must express my sincere gratitude to the Principals,
wards and other authority of Colleges of Delhi University, for
giving all possible facilities and co-operation for completing
the work.
I cannot forget to express my sincere thanks to the
subjects (students), whose responses contributed to the success
of this work.
Last, and definitely not the least, I desire to place a
note of special appreciation to my wife Mrs. Laxmi and kids for
their constant encouragement and interest in this work.
21st March, 1987
(K.S. Krishna)