Rev Mary Hansen 07-09-15


Oh God of Light & Love we come this afternoon from different Places in life, from different religious beliefs, with different expectations. We thank you for the possibilities within Community Days & Building Bridges. You have given us friends & colleagues & we are grateful. You have given us meaningful work & we are grateful We are blessed by Your Presence & good gifts, even when we are least aware. We are reminded that we are not always wise for the answers we have But for knowing which are the right questions. Remind us as well that just because we can do something for others, we are not relieved from asking “Why are we doing it?” May we find You in our need for one another. We gather as friends for a good cause, pilgrims on a journey. Give us wisdom & passion to continue reaching out to all of your people in Need. Deliver us from grandiosity, from taking ourselves too seriously & from selfishness that forgets we are one family. Grant us the grace of grateful hearts. As You have blessed us on this occasion Let us be a blessing to others on every occasion. Put in our hearts a new faith, one that always believes that You & I & We are One. Amen Prayer by Reverend Mary Hansen