The view from the road gives an indication of the mass of timber on

The view from the road
gives an indication of the
mass of timber on the hill.
Some of the trees
on the slopes we
are dealing with
are big!
The compound in the forest that
serves as the operations centre for the
Glen Righ team.
Behind the scenes the team have
been constructing gabion walls to
strengthen the hill face above the
…installing netting on the cliff face to
prevent loose rocks from falling to
the road….
…and erecting catch
fencing high up on the
hillside – all essential safety
mechanisms required to get
this job done safely.
And our team need to be protected as well. Working on the hill is a dangerous job that
requires safety equipment, care and extreme attention to detail.
But even with all of these safety
precautions in place, you can
see from this image that
additional traffic management
measures are required to
protect members of the public.
As well as temporary traffic lights and
coned off sections of road – we will
be using mobile safety barriers to
protect traffic on the road as the team
work on the hill above.
And this is the reason why. This composite image – taken during an operation in Wales
several years ago in conditions very similar to those at Glen Righ – shows a tree that
slipped it’s chokering system, slid through 100m of standing forest, crossed and
blocked the main road and came to rest overhanging the River Wye. Thankfully, no-one
was hurt – but the road was closed for over an hour before it could be cleared up.